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Embrace the Cloud

Cloud storage and productivity tools increase efficiencies, facilitate collaboration, and improve data security. See how the cloud can help your...

Virtual Assistants

How to Become a Virtual Bookkeeper with BELAY

Qualified bookkeepers have many options available when it comes to deciding with which company to join. We love our bookkeepers and know they are...

Small Business

A Guiding Hand, or Hands Off?

If a leader doesn’t provide clear instructions, delegates can get lost. Too much guidance can feel like micromanaging. The balance: Guiding Hand...

Remote Work

Invest in Your Delegates

Delegation doesn’t just happen. Delegation requires a meaningful investment. When done right, the rewards are well worth the investment.

Remote Work

Think Big, Act Bold

Ideas may be precious, but execution is priceless. Every "Think Big" idea requires a dedicated team to help turn vision into reality.



Bryan and Shannon Miles have BIG NEWS to share about exciting changes in 2017! Watch this video to learn more about BELAY.