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How A Fractional Executive Assistant Can Save You Time (And Money)

In 2022, executives were not only incredibly busy, but they also had to contend with other obstacles.

And while we know you know this, there is no award for ‘Most Busy.’ No cookie. No gold star. No parade or ticker tape. No trophy. No nothing.

But according to a Future Forum survey of more than 10,000 people, there was a 20-percent decline in work-life balance, a 40-percent worse rating for stress and anxiety, and a 15-percent decline in satisfaction with their working environment.

Big oof.

And for time specifically, studies have indicated that some CEOs log close to 10 hours a day at work. 

Sound familiar? Relatable even?

If so, let’s figure out how to get some time back into your work day.

What is Fractional Employment?

A fractional employee is someone who works for multiple employers and is hired for a fraction of the time a full-time employee would work.

Fractional employees come in all shapes and sizes and are all experts in their fields.

And in case you haven’t figured this out yet, hiring fractional employees can save you and your company a lot of money.

With a team of fractional employees, employers save considerable money in real estate and other infrastructure-related costs.

This team can transform your workday — allowing you to accomplish more by hiring someone to help you with the tasks you either don’t have time for or don’t love doing.

What Is A Fractional Executive Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant can help streamline your day by not only taking on the extra, mundane tasks but by vetting your calendar. Your VA can be the first person people go to in order to schedule time with you. 

This will put an intermediary in place and enable you to set boundaries with ease.

What Does a Fractional Executive Assistant Do?

The options are endless for what a fractional executive assistant can do but to help you get your creative juices flowing, here’s a quick-and-dirty list.

How a Virtual Assistant can help at work:

  • Research
  • Social Media Assistance
  • Project Coordination
  • Reporting
  • Book Travel
  • Expense Reporting
  • Inbox Management
  • Light Bookkeeping
  • Calendar Management

How a Virtual Assistant can help at home:

  • Order Groceries
  • Purchase Gifts
  • Plan Vacations
  • Book Massages
  • Make Reservations
  • Online Shop
  • Unsubscribe from Promotional Emails

Who Can Benefit From a Fractional Executive Assistant?

Ever feel like you can’t take a vacation? Do you find yourself being busy instead of productive? Are you losing hours of your day to email? Do you feel like your days are out of control?

If any of that resonates with have you have felt or are currently feeling, then you can benefit from a Fractional Executive Assistant — or Virtual Assistant.

It’s that simple.

If you’re feeling any kind of overwhelm, hurriedness, busyness, or brain fogginess, you'd probably feel like a weight had been lifted off your shoulders with a Virtual Assistant.

What Should You Look For When Hiring a Fractional Executive Assistant?

We’ve written about how to hire and covered what to keep in mind when in the hiring process — things like taking your time, being selective, making sure there is a culture match, and ensuring your candidate has a high-performance rate.

But there are other resources we have available to give you confidence in hiring an assistant.

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If you’re ready to save time in the new year, we’ve got a solution for you. Start the conversation today — there couldn’t be a more perfect time.