Accounting Services (8)

Accounting Services

Sally Breen

In its 10 years, 3DM Publishing has published over 25 books, all with the expressed aim of teaching people to disciple others who will in turn...

Accounting Services

Jayson Teagle

Jayson Teagle is the Founder and CEO of Collideoscope, a boutique talent management agency that exists to architect iconic brands and to build...

Virtual Assistants

A Day In The Life: Jon Lee Rabette

Frets and finances: Read Jon Lee’s story to learn how going virtual has allowed him to balance books by day and make music by night.

Virtual Assistants

Josh Kwan

As President of the non-profit organization The Gathering, Josh Kwan sets vision and strategy for a learning community of Christian philanthropists...

Accounting Services

Julie Shore

Julie Shore, Executive Director and Talent Management Leader of The Million Dollar Solution, has spent the majority of her career focused on...

Accounting Services

Jim Skartvedt

Jim and Danelle Skartvedt, husband-and-wife owners of Renew Ag Supply, an agricultural supply store, were spending more time with their five...

Remote Work

How To Get The Most Value From Your Bookkeeper

Setting clear expectations, setting the bar high, and providing information in a timely manner are just a few of the ways to get the most from your...


How To Set Up A Church Chart of Accounts

The first step to accurate church accounting is to set up a chart of accounts. Learn more about setting up a chart of accounts for churches and how...


The Best Church Financial Software

Each church has different financial needs and their software solutions should reflect that. Learn more about one of the top financial software for...