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Have you taken the time to sit down and calculate your hourly rate? Can you afford your own hourly rate if you were to take time away from other pressing matters?

Our guess is your answer is ‘Probably not.’

While you may think you can’t afford to hire a contractor to help you with these time-sucking tasks, you’re technically costing yourself whatever your hourly time is worth every time you sit down to handle a task that could be delegated to someone – often surprisingly – more affordable than you. 

And let’s not even get into how they’re more qualified and dedicated to handling the tasks you hate to do.

And the good news is: We have the person you’re looking for at BELAY — someone whose job is to create relief and freedom for you.

During our vetting and interview processes at BELAY, we put our candidates through skills assessments specific to the job they are seeking.

We’ve identified what our ideal Virtual Assistant profile is, and we repeat our processes around that in order to continue to find our rockstar contractors.

But we don’t stop there. Our team is on your side and here to help you if you hit a bump in the road, need some guidance on how to get the most out of your contractor and more.

In this episode of Real Wealth Show, Kathy and Rich Fettke are joined by our CEO, Tricia Sciortino, to talk about how their BELAY Virtual Assistant and BELAY Bookkeeper have helped them in their business and personal life.

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