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How to Outsource Fractional Employees For Greater Business Growth

When your business is growing, it can be exciting, invigorating and also completely overwhelming.

You suddenly turn into about five different people. Along with being the owner of your business, you’re now your own executive assistant, social media manager, bookkeeper and website specialist.

In order to keep your sanity while continuing to grow your business, your easiest and best financial option is to hire fractional, remote employees.

Why Outsource Fractional Employees?

When you outsource fractional employees as opposed to hiring full-time, you choose the better fiscal option. You also have peace of mind in knowing this hire isn’t permanent — unless you want it to be.

When your fractional employee is contract-based, you can control the number of hours they work for you.

Hire experts in the fields that you aren’t an expert in or simply don’t want to have to do.

Yes, you’re an expert at certain tasks and it’s tough to hand them off to someone else with any confidence they’ll do the job as well as you, but you’re likely burning the candle at both ends.

What Positions Can Be Most Easily Outsourced?

A remote work team can transform your workday. Accomplish more by hiring someone to help you with the tasks you either don’t have time for or don’t love doing.

Virtual Assistants

Dedicated professionals who bring their experience and expertise to your organization. They’re your personal superheroes. No phone booth required.

Social Media Managers

A Social Media Manager can help manage all of your unique social media needs and build a strong online presence to get you back to what you love most.

Accounting Services

Our Bookkeepers can provide you clear, simple and updated financial information, tax filing and preparation services, CFO and e-commerce support so you make better decisions.

Website Specialists

A great website is crucial for growth in today’s world, but handling it can be overwhelming. Our professional techies take care of the details so you don’t have to.

How to Manage Outsourced Employees

If you're managing a remote team, how can you really be sure everyone is on task, staying productive, and collaborating appropriately?

There are countless online tools that can help you keep your team humming along every day – check these and these out for starters – but if you’re wondering how to implement remote monitoring policies for your business, we’ve listed out some steps and considerations in this blog.

By accurately monitoring the time your remote employees spend on client projects, internal tasks, and non-work-related items, you can better manage your team so you can instead focus on what matters most: running a better business.

We even have a webinar with tips on how to succeed in remotely managing a team.

Simplify Your Operations With Outsourced, Fractional Staffing from BELAY

Stop being overwhelmed by the volume of work left undone in your organization. With a fractional BELAY specialist, you can accomplish more, juggle less – and wonder what took you so long to get started.

And getting started is the easiest thing you’ll do today. So what are you waiting for? Let’s grow!