Small Business (13)

Small Business

Swimming with a Shark

What do you get when you invite 4 business owners to meet with the People's Shark? I can tell you one thing, you learn a lot. One of the key...

Small Business

BELAY Sponsors Contest with Daymond John

Strategize with "The People's Shark" during a personalized, one-on-one coaching session with Daymond John. Be 1 of 4 small business owners who will...

Remote Work

A Look Behind the Scenes: Summer Summit 2017

It’s that time again – time for our all-company bi-annual meeting! Twice a year we come together where we are inspired to serve our clients even...

Virtual Assistants

Day in the Bookkeeper's Life: Kim Giannopoulos

BELAY bookkeeper Kim Giannopoulos is living the dream. She’s cultivated her own idyllic career by serving her BELAY clients with passion and...

Small Business


Have you ever been around "that person" who is just better than you? You know what I mean - the "one up'er," with every story or idea you share.

Small Business

A Guiding Hand, or Hands Off?

If a leader doesn’t provide clear instructions, delegates can get lost. Too much guidance can feel like micromanaging. The balance: Guiding Hand...