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How Your VA Can Help With Social Media

In this Bonus Next Step, BELAY Solutions Consultant Theresa Summerlin breaks down the pros and cons of hiring a virtual assistant to help run your social media, versus hiring a dedicated social media manager.


Here are some takeaways she shared:


1. Your VA can get you started on social media.

A Virtual Assistant is a pro at lane shifting in all of the things they are capable of helping you with. With social media, they can set up your platforms, gather content and get it organized as well. 

A lot of our leaders have content — and your VA can certainly help you with that in getting organized and getting your content library built out. They can start engaging and maintaining your social presence.


2. Your VA can work on social listening for you.

Social listening is not about posting, but it is about commenting. 

A Virtual Assistant could very easily go out on your behalf and interact with other people on social media by proactively engaging with potential customers.


To dive a bit deeper into this conversation, check out the full episode where Theresa and I talk about the different ways that hiring a social media expert can help your business’ marketing, sales and customer service.

And to take things a step forward, download our resource, Social Media Manager vs. Virtual Assistant, to help you determine the best way to tackle social media for your organization.