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123 Bonus: How to Spot Hiring Red Flags Early

In this Bonus Next Step, LZ and I share some of the key red flags to look out for to determine if someone isn’t right for the job.


Here are some takeaways we shared:


1. Does this candidate seem tech-savvy and respectful of your time?

Are they on time for the interview? This shows preparedness and how strongly they take the commitment — along with what it means for how they may show up in the day-to-day. 

Another thing is noticing how they are with technology. Can they not figure out how to work a webcam? Can they not use the Zoom link? Are they having technology issues in the interview? 

That may indicate something of note if you’re hiring for a remote job and you’re looking for someone who’s resourceful.

2. Is this candidate someone that you have a good rapport with right off the bat?

You have to have a lot of energy to be a VA. If as the interviewer, you feel like you’re pulling the information out of them, then they’re probably not going to be a good fit for your organization. 

Your VA is also going to have to work with a lot of different people in and outside of your organization. They have to be good communicators and be warm and friendly. 

You work closely with your virtual assistant, so you have to be looking for warmth and what connection you’re feeling during the interview. 

Having a good idea of if this candidate can provide that for you is a good indication of long-term success.


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