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WFH Guidelines: How to Be Successful as a Remote Team for the Long Haul

Let’s face it: Working from home is just plain awesome. No commute saves time and money, there are never any weather delays, there aren’t chatty colleagues or micromanaging bosses patrolling the hallways, and with countless tools and apps, it’s never been easier to stay connected while working remotely.

And let’s not even get into how amazing it is to work in athleisure.

So if you’ve ever wondered how to be successful as a remote team – even after current events no longer require it – wonder no more.

It just so happens that we’ve written extensively on just about every remote team best practice – from hiring to onboarding to leading to culture to trust. We even have an online training course on how to manage a remote team.

In this post, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know to keep your remote team engaged and successful for many years to come.

WFH Guidelines: Hiring

“‘How do I hire my first employee?’

“Well, that question – though virtual employment isn’t necessarily a new concept or trend – still stumps even the most robust, seasoned HR departments so you’re not alone in not knowing quite what your next step should be.

“So here are five tips to help you navigate the process of hiring your very first virtual employee in order to ensure that both you and your new employee succeed.”

Learn the five tips to start building a successful remote team here.

WFH Guidelines: Onboarding

“So you did it. You found The One.

“You two will be so happy together, and we hope this sendoff sees you into a successful and productive future remote work partnership.

“The end … right?

“Well, not quite.

“Now you have to learn how to cohabitate. Who will empty the dishwasher (or inbox)? Who will be responsible for scheduling appointments (or your calendar)? Who will field calls from the mother-in-law (or answer phones)?

“See? Your union is just the beginning. Thankfully, our Director of Sales, Lisa Seal, shares how she ensures a happily ever after with the right onboarding process for your new hire – here.”

Learn six things Lisa does to successfully onboard new remote hires here.

WFH Guidelines: Leading

“[F]or virtual work to be successful – both for employees and their employers – one crucial factor is non-negotiable: Virtual employees need to have great working relationships with their team. No amount of technology or autonomy can replace the impact of having an effective, emotionally intelligent manager.

“The way we work has changed and as such, the way managers must lead has to change, too. Here are eight ways leadership can successfully adapt to the virtual workforce model.”

Learn eight ways to successfully lead your remote team here.

WFH Guidelines: Culture

“In [BELAY’s] nearly nine years, we’ve proven that a shared vision – not shared spaces – creates a culture. It is about instilling a sense of belonging for your employees and ensuring they identify with the greater mission and values of the company, despite being a remote workforce.

“And contrary to what others may – GASP! – still believe, we’ve proven, time and time again, that culture can be created without an office. BELAY is living proof of this.

“We’ve won … major culture and business awards from prominent national magazines and outlets despite the fact that not a single one of our team members shares an office.

“Why? Because we understand how culture is really created. Because we instill our mission and values of gratitude, teamwork, vision, passion, fun, and God into every one of our 1,100-plus remote workforce team members.”

Learn more about our remote culture secret sauce here.

WFH Guidelines: Trust

There is one thing – one oft-overlooked and neglected little thing – that, if cultivated and nurtured properly, can change the course of working and leading from home.

“Know what it is?

“Here’s a hint: It’s not synergy. It’s not culture. It’s not brand identity.

“It’s trust. All of the aforementioned things are decidedly and categorically critical, but all of those can’t exist without trust. Trust and just about every other mission-critical element of your organization’s success are mutually inclusive; they simply cannot exist without trust.”

Learn how trust – above all else – is so important when working from home here.

With just a few adjustments and a little recalibration, great in-person leaders can be equally great virtual leaders, too.

For more on working from home, check out our BELAY Guide To Working From Home, where we’ve rounded up all of our resources to help you make the leap, be prepared, and get to work with confidence – all from home!