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4 Tips To Help You Thrive While Working from Home

As we mentioned earlier this month, you – like nearly the rest of the ‘non-essential’ working world – are now likely working and leading from home.

And, for better or worse, all this time ‘sheltering in place’ has probably given you a crash course on how to work from home. Necessity may be the mother of all invention but she also pulls double duty as the mother of all innovation, too.

Because while many may have clung to the archaic belief that business could only be conducted by forcing people to sit next to their colleagues in an actual brick-and-mortar office, current events have suggested – mandated, really – otherwise.

Talk about a trial by fire.

Not to #humblebrag or anything but at BELAY, we’ve been 100-percent remote since before it was cool … or COVID.

By now, you’ve likely got a good handle on a designated workspace and how to master that dastardly mute button on Zoom, but there may still be other skills, tips and considerations you’d like to leverage to take your work-from-home arrangement from ‘free trial’ to ‘pro.’

We got you.

In fact, we’ve dedicated the last six weeks to developing a seriously robust repository of all things work-from-home just to help you take the leap now, as current events dictate and maybe – just maybe – even after the dust settles and life and work return to ‘normal.’


The Toolbox: The Library

COVID-19 has changed the landscape of the global workforce. So if you’ve ever wondered what it would take to work remotely, wonder no more. We’ve rounded up all of our resources with our BELAY Guide to Working From Home to help you make the leap, be prepared, and get to work with confidence – all from home!

The Users’ Manual: The Webinar

Our CEO Tricia Sciortino and COO Lisa Zeeveld have released their webinar, ‘Remotely Managing Your Team: 7 Tips to Succeed,’ to help you transition to a remote workforce in one week.

Because let’s face it: Working from home is just plain awesome. No commutes. No weather delays. No chatty colleagues. No micromanaging bosses patrolling the hallways – unless you count your kids and pets, that is.

And let’s not even get into how amazing it is to work in athleisure.

Care Instructions: The Checklist

Many organizations are preemptively migrating to remote workforces and thankfully, as the experts, it’s a topic with which we are intimately familiar.

So here, we’ve compiled a tactical checklist on how you can launch a remote workforce in one week – whether temporarily or indefinitely – to ensure the health and safety of your most invaluable asset: your workforce.

And here, you can download the checklist for quick reference.

Assembly Instructions: The eBook

If you’ve ever wondered what it would take to lead your workforce into the virtual beyond, this eBook – How to Remotely Manage Your Team shares what has worked for us and could help your organization, too.

It just so happens that we know a thing – or million – about leading a remote workforce, so here’s everything you need to know to successfully do the same.

Just like Home Depot, we know you can do it – and we can help.

And for more information on working and leading from home – because can you honestly get enough? – follow us on social and subscribe to our blog for more on leading and working remotely.


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