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Behind The Scenes: Our Virtual Spring One-Day Conference

Unsurprisingly, our Spring One-Day was forced to evolve from an in-person party – err, conference – to a virtual video conference, courtesy of COVID-19.

Never deterred, our fearless Leadership Team still found the fun.

In her latest LinkedIn article, our CEO Tricia Sciortino talks about how to keep morale high for remote teams. She also – BONUS! – shares how to find even more fun in times like these.

Times that we’ll admit are not fun.

But she, ever adept at finding the silver lining and giving us all peace when we need it most, explains, “This current forest? Not super fun. But the trees? Oh, the trees. There are some really fun trees in this dismal forest. You just have to want to find them.”

And find them she – and the entire leadership team – does. And good thing, too, since ‘fun’ is one of our core values.

And we take it very seriously.

In ‘How To Keep Team Morale High When Working Remotely,’ Tricia pulls back the curtain to share some behind-the-scenes intel on how we find our fun at BELAY, even when headlines – and travel restrictions – try as they might to stop us.

Because NEWS FLASH: Absolutely nothing – we’re looking at you, COVID-19 – can stop us from finding our forest of fun. In fact, much of what we do in this current climate was established long before any of the headlines were even a seed of possibility.

Fun is out there, you guys. We’d even argue that a lot of it is low-hanging fruit in that fun forest we talked about. It’s just there, waiting to be savored.

The headlines? They’re rough. Our new reality? Pretty sobering. But at BELAY, we’ve been preparing for this – perhaps unwittingly – since our inception. There is no BELAY without culture, fun, camaraderie, and mood-altering morale – and no virus could ever diminish that.

Learn more about the six ways we upped our Fun Factor here.