Social Media Manager (3)

Social Media Manager

What Does A Social Media Manager Do?

A social media manager plans and implements a company’s strategy across social media platforms. Learn about the skills you need to become an SMM.

Virtual Assistants

Guy Timberlake

Guy and Margaret 'Maggie' Timberlake are the Chief Visionary Officer and President, respectively, of GovCon Club.

Social Media Manager

Bob and Mandy Morreale

As The Tuning School's co-founders, President Bob Morreale and his wife, CFO Mandy Morreale, help vehicles to the next level of performance for...

Social Media Manager

Maggie Smith

As the owner of Pintuck & Purl, a purveyor of fabrics, yarns, sewing and serging machines, Maggie Smith strives to re-capture a past where style,...

Social Media Manager

Caleb Sutherland

As the founder and CEO of LIT Device LLC, Caleb Sutherland is a full-time entrepreneur who loves anything to do with new and innovative ideas.