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How to Infuse Fun Into Any Company Culture

Does fun in the workplace really matter? Absolutely!

In this masterclass episode of the One Next Step Podcast, Lisa Zeeveld talk about the ins and outs of creating a fun company culture — and why creating one matters.

The truth is, building a positive and fun company culture is one of the best and easiest ways to recruit new talent and keep your current talent feeling and dedicated to your mission.


Here are some takeaways they shared:


1. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

All hard work and no fun does not make for a great environment. We don't talk ourselves too seriously and, as we say at BELAY, we’re not running an ER here.

No one’s life is at risk because of what we do. In the middle of a stressful day, be sure to keep everything in perspective. Relieve a little of the pressure and be intentional about making time to have fun. Sometimes work is hard and being able to gift your team with creative, positive and fun moments relieves pressure.

A fun and productive culture can exist at the same time.


2. Team members need to see leaders having fun.

Sometimes, leaders can get a bad rap for being unapproachable and distant. 

And, sometimes, that perception is warranted.

That’s why it’s important for our team to see us having fun, too. When we’re in the middle of it all or when we’re the first one on the dance floor, we communicate that we’re approachable and relatable.

We’re not the boss in the corner office who no one ever sees. Set an example for having fun!


3. Find people on your team who can help.

If you’re not as comfortable stepping out and coming up with fun activities, that’s OK. Look around your team — who are the outgoing extroverts who would never miss a party?

Recruit them to help you come up with some things that will help you build a fun, engaging work culture. This doesn’t have to be expensive and extravagant. You can do small things to recognize your team and their effort.

They will appreciate the time to unwind and likely become even more passionate about what they do in your company.


We’ve rounded up seven exciting ways to engage your team and infuse some fun into your day without having to all be in the same room. 

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