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ICYMI: September Monthly Podcast Roundup

Missed any of our podcasts last month? Or just can’t get enough of them? Say no more – we got you!

Here, we’ve rounded up every podcast from last month for at-your-fingertips easy access and your listening pleasure.

Integrated Marketing — Combining Offline & Online Marketing for Better Results with Michael Taggart

Organizations often focus their marketing on a few channels that have worked for them in the past without understanding other opportunities to promote their business and make an impact. 

Unfortunately, this leaves their organization vulnerable if even one of their previous tactics or channels doesn’t produce at previous levels.

How can leaders at these organizations better use all marketing channels – both online and offline – to help them achieve the best possible results? 

In this episode, Tricia will be joined by our friend, Michael Taggart, the COO of Envoy Media Group, an award-winning direct-response marketing company. He’ll talk with us about how he uses online and offline marketing channels for his clients so they can better market their organizations.

Listen now.

What to Do … When You Don’t Know What to Do with Jeff Shinabarger

Leaders are constantly making decisions. Some of them are easy, like where to take the team to lunch, and some of them are incredibly hard, like budget cuts and layoffs. 

With so many decisions, it’s easy to get paralyzed out of fear of making the wrong choice, or simply not being able to see the best option.

In this episode, Tricia and LZ talk with Jeff Shinabarger, CEO of Plywood People, a former leader at Catalyst, and a successful author. He’ll talk about how to be better at decision-making as leaders, including understanding how to make the right choices even in difficult circumstances, discovering our decision-making style, and using that style to benefit our teams and organization. 

Listen here.

The 8 Pillars of Trust with David Horsager

Everything of value is built on trust. You’ll pay more for the trusted brand, follow the trusted leader, and buy from the trusted salesperson. 

Trust is the single uniqueness of the greatest leaders, organizations and brands of all time. 

In this episode, Tricia and LZ are joined by David Horsager, CEO of Trust Edge Leadership Institute and the best-selling author of The Trust Edge. He’s here to discuss his 8 pillars of trust and how you can practically become more trustworthy as a leader.

Listen here.

Building a Great Brand Experience

In this special episode, Tricia and LZ welcome the Vice President of Marketing at BELAY, Dorian Usherwood. 

Dorian has 26 years of experience in brand strategy development, customer experience, and brand development and management among many other skills.

Dorian is a master at using visual expression as a way to communicate a marketing message. So we’re going to talk to him about that, as well as what leaders need to know about creating a great brand experience for their company – and how to use that to really move the company forward.

Listen here.