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ICYMI: October Monthly Podcast Roundup

Missed any of our podcasts last month? Or just can’t get enough episodes? Say no more – we got you!

We’ve rounded up every podcast for easy access and your listening pleasure.

Differentiating Your Business from the Competition with Chris Walker

How do successful businesses stand out from their competition? Many business leaders think they know the answer, but some may be operating under dated advice that’s no longer applicable. 

Chris Walker is the CEO of Refine Labs and host of the “State of Demand Gen Podcast,” and he’s redefined how businesses play the differentiation game, helping them use those unique elements of what they do to separate themselves and drive leads.

In this episode, Lisa and special guest host Dorian Usherwood will talk with Chris about how his system can help our podcast listeners understand how to differentiate their businesses, build their brand, and make more sales. 

Listen here.

Building a Sales Commission and Compensation Plan with Lisa Seal

As business owners, we know that our sales team needs to be incentivized. But they also need to feel confident that their entire job isn’t based on simple sales numbers.

Today, we’re joined for a second time by Lisa Seal, the VP of Revenue at BELAY. Lisa has a brilliant mind for sales, and she’s had years of experience with this topic. 

She’s helped BELAY structure a business compensation plan that is beneficial to both BELAY and its sales team. In this episode, she’s going to share with our listeners her best practices for designing a successful comp plan.

Listen here.

How to Implement What You Learn from Business Books with Bryan Kelly

If you’ve ever searched for business books on Amazon, you know the choices are almost unlimited. Where do you even start?

In this episode, Lisa and Tricia are joined by Bryan Kelly, a strategic advisor, investor,  and founder of Stroke of Genius. His Stroke of Genius program provides busy leaders with key ideas to execute from popular business books. 

Today, he’ll chat about how leaders and readers can identify the right books for them, then quickly identify and retain the advice they need to become better leaders. 

Listen here.

How to Be More than Your Achievements with Sheri Riley

Most leaders want to be successful. But, for many, success comes at a price. They might be high-performers in their careers, but the other aspects of their lives have taken a hit. We want our listeners who struggle with that issue to see it another way. 

In this episode, Lisa has a conversation with Sheri Riley, a life strategist, empowerment speaker and successful author of Exponential Living.

Sheri Riley will talk about why so many high-performing leaders struggle with this, what to do about it, and what life can look like on the other side. We want our listeners to realize that they can stop spending 100% of their time on 10% of who they are.

Listen here.