Day In the Virtual Assistant Life: Shannon Knutson

When asked why she chose her Third Option, BELAY Virtual Assistant Shannon Knutson’s enthusiasm is practically palpable after joining BELAY in May 2018. 

Options. I love that word. I can work when I want, where I want, and wear whatever I want – as long as the work is done in a timely manner. 

“I tend to work the best in comfy clothes and a comfy chair next to my dog and cat. The atmosphere that I can create while I work has allowed me to be more productive. If I am not feeling productive, I just move my office to a different location. 

“Our lanai with the Florida sun and breeze is one of my favorite locations.”

Was going virtual an adjustment for you?

“I had already worked remotely part-time for 19 years, so when I partnered with BELAY, I didn’t struggle too much. The only thing that was different was more hours per week, so I needed to make sure I was diligent in time blocking.”

So, then what did BELAY offer that other remote work didn’t?

“I wanted to be able to be present for our teenage children. 

“If they need me, I am always present and available. The teenage years can be a very trying time and being able to be home for them is priceless to me.

“I can arrange my schedule and block out time to work when I am most creative and when it works with my family schedule. I love to work late at night, so I can work when I feel most productive. I can get a lot more done later in the day versus early in the day when I am not at my peak performance. I like to work out mid-afternoon and then come back to the house and get to work again.

“I can also travel the world with my husband and still get my work done!”

‘Travel the world.’ Sounds dreamy. Is that how you spend your time outside of work?

“I love spending time with my husband and best friend of 25 years. We travel out of the country every four months and go to the beach or pool weekly on Wednesday, his day off. 

“We also love to spend time with our four teenage children when they are not with their friends.”

Family first, right? How do you think previous experience has prepared you for this exact role? 

“I have a degree in psychology and ever since earning that degree, I have helped administratively in some form of the mental health profession – and I love health and wellness. 

“Most of my engagements have been clients in that industry which makes it even more fulfilling!

“Plus, I have four children, so I need to be very organized to make sure the household runs smoothly. My organizational skills and love to schedule things have benefited me to make sure things get done when they are due.”

What is one thing about what you do that makes you excited to get up tomorrow and do it again? 

“Variety! Every day, I have different tasks to do; no day is the same – although every week is similar.

“I do all my Zoom meetings with clients on Mondays, and then the rest of the week is used to finish my weekly tasks and anything new that was added that week.”

What else would you want someone to know about working virtually? 

“In my opinion, working virtually allows a person to live their best life! 

“You can work on other goals and dreams right alongside helping others. You just need to be good at time blocking and making sure that you get the work done in a timely fashion – although when you love what you are doing and who you are partnered with, there’s no problem getting your work done! 

“When people appreciate your work, it’s extremely exciting and satisfying. I had prayed for over five years to find a company like BELAY to partner with. I am so grateful that my prayer has been answered. 

“Partnering with BELAY has been infinitely better than I imagined! Thank you, BELAY!”

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