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A Day In The Virtual Assistant Life: Ashley Brown

Meet Ashley. 

A self-proclaimed free spirit who loves adventure, autonomy and freedom, in terms of both location and how she structures her day, Ashley’s life sounds like
the prototypical contractor for BELAY. 

It’s almost an infomercial in the making.

‘Are you tired of staring at the three carpeted walls in your cubicle for eight hours a day? Do you wish there were something else? Something ... more

‘Introducing the revolutionary Third Option! It slices – your stress in half! It dices – your day into flexible, accommodating pieces! Act now because supplies are running out!

‘But you don’t have to take our word for it. Just listen to what other satisfied contractors have to say!’

What has the Third Option has afforded you that you didn't have or couldn't do before? 

“I'm able to travel a lot more to see my family and I'm able to explore my own city, too! I work from a coworking space and from cafes all over the city. I love it!

“I also love that I can work for a little bit, hop on a call, and then take a break to have a dance party. Balance is good, right?”

Balance is good. Dance parties are even better. How long have you danced – err, contracted with BELAY?

“I'm coming up on a year!”

Why the switch, dance parties notwithstanding?

“I initially got into remote work because I was actively working as a performer and needed to find work that could be scheduled around it without affecting myself or the company negatively. 

“Then, I began noticing how difficult it was as a creative working in a physical office space. I felt trapped. I knew I had to transition into being 100 percent remote to achieve the flexible lifestyle I wanted.” 

What do you love most about making the switch?

“Where do I start?! 

“I love that I'm truly able to be independent and location-independent. BELAY has proven that they walk-the-talk and encourage us to live our lives while providing high-level service to our clients.

Infomercial host, interjecting: ‘But wait! That’s not all!’

“It gets even better though because my client also believes in this lifestyle and approach to work! They encourage me to ‘do me’ with the expectation that I get the work done. The whole team is also remote and everyone is always traveling all over the world, so they totally get it. 

“I'm thrilled with my client. Big hug, BELAY.”

What has changed for you since starting with your client?

“Honestly, nothing. And I mean that in the best way possible. 

“We were clear, honest, and transparent from the very start. Our personalities matched well, and I had a really good feeling during and immediately after the kickoff. 

“We've continued to maintain the same level of transparency. I highly value that type of relationship, so I'm very happy.” 

How have you used your background in performing to help your client?

“I think I use my performing and public speaking background in everything I do. 

“There have been days where I've had to pivot between tasks really quickly, research and speak with super important people, reschedule things two or three times in a row without angering people – ‘turn on the charm,’ they said. 

“I’ve had to act on things with very little notice – and I can definitely thank my background for being able to do all of this with speed and grace because in improv and acting, we use ‘yes, and’ to propel us forward and through a scene without crashing and burning – and I'm essentially doing this all day long. 

“Luckily, I'm not afraid to speak to people, ask questions, and approach tough conversations. I was really happy when my client mentioned in a check-in call that I was very good at communicating with clients, employees, and vendors.” 

What is one thing – we know it’s hard to pick just one – about what you do that makes you excited to get up tomorrow and do it again? 

“Problem-solving. I honestly can't get enough. If I can solve a problem and help someone, it makes my day. 

“My version of daily problem-solving is figuring out my client's schedule. They fly all over the world every week and have a lot of interviews. It's like putting a puzzle together and the nerd in me feels really good when I create a perfect schedule for my client. The client also shares the same values, and we treat each other with respect and kindness. 

“That alone makes me want to go above and beyond for them every single day.” 

Thank you, Ashley, for sharing your Third Option story with us. We love watching you serve your clients and helping them achieve more than they could on their own.

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