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What Works Wednesday - Hiring An Assistant With Guest Tricia Sciortino

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Like most great things, working with a Virtual Assistant takes time and commitment. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

When you rework your mindset and spend the time – whether five minutes or an hour – to teach your VA to do a task, that’s likely the last time you’ll have to touch it.

And here’s the cold, hard truth: You can either be your own assistant or hire your own assistant.

Here is an overview of what your VA could help you with to get even a few minutes back into your day:

  • Managing your calendar
  • Booking flights
  • Booking Airbnb or hotel
  • Managing your email
  • Creating and planning meeting agendas
  • Supporting social media accounts

Thanks to a great Virtual Assistant, your [insert pain point here] can be wrapped up in intention and care — with all the details being thought through.

You may be thinking, ‘OK, yes. This sounds great, but how do I find a great VA?’

While one option is to hire someone yourself, you can also work with a service to find a good match for you — removing the stress and frustration of looking through endless resumes and conducting daunting interviews.

And BELAY is your best option.

Let’s say your VA gives you back 10 hours a week. That’s a full day! What could you do with that time?

Would you end your day earlier?

How would you spend your evenings?

Would you be networking?

Would you go to an event?

Would you be focused on sales?

Spend the day strategizing the future of your business?

Connect with people you haven’t had time to connect with?

Decision fatigue is something all leaders run up against.

Spend your brain power on things like your family, building your company, marketing, networking, and high-level decisions – and let a VA handle the rest.

Don’t put your brain power toward which flight to take when it could be used on how to close another deal.

In this episode of The Perfect RIA, Matt Jarvis and our CEO Tricia Sciortino have a conversation about the ins and outs of hiring an assistant and identifying what tasks you are doing that could be delegated.

When creating a list of tasks that can be delegated, consider these things.

What do you do? 

What should you actually be doing? 

And what should you stop doing?

To get started on delegation, text RIA to 55123 to download our eBook, Rise Up & Lead Well: How Leveraging an Assistant Will Change Your Life and Maximize Your Time.


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