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Big NEWS for 2020

We were – admittedly – just a little excited to share our big news.

It was MONUMENTAL news, really.

But in case you didn’t hear – though we’ve hardly been quiet about it – effective January 1, 2020, our current COO, Tricia Sciortino, will be stepping in as our new CEO as our current CEOs Bryan and Shannon move into their new roles as Co-Chairs of a new Board of Directors for BELAY. 

"This is something we've been thinking, praying, and planning for quite some time now,” says Bryan Miles, BELAY Co-Founder. “We are beyond confident in Tricia's leadership – she's already been running the company – now, we are just making it official."

“We've watched Tricia grow and help us carry out our vision for what BELAY could be,” Shannon Miles, BELAY Co-Founder, says. “She's absolutely the right person to launch BELAY into the next phase.” 

Tricia was the first employee when the company incorporated in December of 2010 and has served in every role of the organization as it has grown over the past nine years. 

"This is a humbling and honoring moment,” Tricia says. “I've been here since the very beginning. BELAY is a guiding light and a home for me. I'm so proud and honored to be leading BELAY.”

“I am absolutely humbled to serve this organization,” Tricia continues. “Brian and Shannon took a chance on me – and I took a chance on them. We’ve spent the last nine years working very closely to build the organization we always wanted to work at – one that could serve, making an impact on other people, our clients, our contractors and doing good in the world.”

“So being named the next CEO of this organization is truly a blessing. I cannot wait to serve this team, this industry, this organization and I’m excited for what’s to come – I’m really excited for what’s to come!”

So are we, Tricia.

Passing the reins to Tricia will encourage new growth for BELAY as an organization while allowing Bryan and Shannon to continue focusing on their guiding tenet of ‘owning and not running’ a business and teaching other business owners how to do the same.

But that which best serves BELAY’s clients – the freedom to do more, be more, and get more done – also benefits its employees and contractors, too. 

“Having a remote career over the years has allowed me to be an involved mother and spouse,” Tricia shares. “I wouldn’t trade this for anything. I look forward to providing more opportunities for our growing team of over 1,000 people to live out their Third Option and continuing to expand the BELAY brand and serve more busy leaders to help them climb higher by learning to delegate.”

So from all of us at BELAY, to you, Tricia: 

We can’t wait to see how you’ll continue to inspire and lead us to greater things so we can #goBIG in 2020 – and beyond! #BELAYsBIG2020News #goBIG