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Behind the Scenes: Company Meetings, BELAY style

This year’s BELAY U Winter Summit defined our vision, “Our Vision is to help you achieve your vision”, highlighted our core value of Team (we team really well), and defined some pretty great goals to run toward in 2018 because, It’s Go Time!

We made the most of our time huddled together at the historic Georgian Terrace Hotel….

We learned:

  • Our guest speaker, Jeff Maness, is a captivatingly honest and gifted speaker. He shared with us what being a great leader looks like. (If you live in Cheyenne, WY - check his church out)
  • With Tricia and LZ we took a trip down memory lane in celebration of our 2017 successes and cast vision for 2018.
  • Through a transparent Q&A session, we were given access into the lives and minds of Bryan and Shannon Miles.
  • As we watched impactful client videos and heard client related stories, we were reminded that it takes the whole BELAY team to realize our vision.
  • During team time collaboration we dove into leadership and personality styles, pondered new marketing initiatives and worked on improving the client experience.
  • The spinning of ‘The Wheel of Marketing’ (and Amy and Tricia’s arms) taught us about our Marketing initiatives for 2018.

We Served:

  • Partnering with Homeless at Heart, we lovingly filled 61 boxes with gifts and handwritten letters for women who have escaped tragedy.
  • We took time to tell our team members how much we appreciate them.

We Got Cool Stuff:

Watch out Oprah! Our BELAY U Summit boasts some pretty cool giveaways and announcements!

  • Krisha rolled out our newest benefit offerings of 100% paid maternity/paternity leave, bereavement leave and an awesome quarterly $150 reimbursable wellness benefit. Yes, it’s great to be a BELAY team member!
  • At our tailgate party, our Hype Squad raffled lots of coveted prizes.
  • Even our Humana, Go365 representative rivaled Oprah with the caliber of generous gifts that she gave away.
  • Donald Miller and his Story Brand team gifted us with his new book and StoryBrand online training.
  • Bryan Miles gifted each of us with a copy of his new book with a personalized inscription.
  • We even got some cool new swag: BELAY Jerseys and YETI tumblers!

We Laughed:

  • Spartan Cheerleaders? Who knew that our company CEO’s had so much talent and flexibility? It’s a good thing that their day job is working out for them because Bryan and Shannon could present fierce competition for SNL cast member roles.
  • We displayed some crazy talents (and blunders) at our tailgate party.

We Loved:

  • We love being apart of this amazing team at BELAY and that love shined!

If you have a few minutes, watch our recap video!