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A Day In The Life: Krystal McGee

When it comes to bookkeeping, we often hear from prospective clients that hiring someone isn’t realistic – at least not yet. But bookkeeping is much like going to the dentist – no one actually wants to do it but not doing it isn’t really an option, either.

Ultimately, however, the most important question we ask them is this: Are you the best person to do this? Because without experience in bookkeeping or an understanding of balance sheets and income statements, not having a bookkeeper could cost you more money in the long run than having one.

And BELAY bookkeeper Krystal McGee proved just that.


Within weeks, she accomplished exactly what every client wants: She saved them money. Here’s her story.

So why The Third Option?

“I wanted a better work-life balance.

“In an office setting as a business manager, it seemed as though I had always ‘lived to work.’ [But] virtual work allows for tremendous flexibility, which I treasure!

“The Third Option has allowed me to work from anywhere – this has been truly life-changing! I am able to travel and visit family for extended periods of time and not worry about missing work.

“I have been able to do more service work in my community, including joining the Red Cross Disaster Relief Team for my region. [It also] allows me to fit in more activities that are enjoyable and fulfilling, making me a happier person.”

How have you used your background as a business manager to help your client?

“My experience gives me a unique skill set beyond my bookkeeping role.

“I am able to understand the challenges that my clients face and offer first-hand experience as a guide for them when something comes up.”

Now, let’s give our readers what they really came here for: How have you saved your client money? 

“In one instance, within the first few weeks with a new client, my client asked me to enter a bill for the total balance due on a vendor statement.

“I wasn't comfortable not having the actual invoices, so I requested them from the vendor – and discovered that a vendor had not applied a large payment that my client had made months earlier.

“The client had not really been looking at the monthly statements. As a result, the client was being charged hundreds of dollars in interest charges each month – which they would have paid, along with an invoice that had already been paid.

“This saved my client thousands of dollars right away. The client was overjoyed, and so was I!”

That is incredible. It’s exactly what every bookkeeping client wants. Besides those huge wins, why do you love bookkeeping?

“I love the diversity that is involved when serving different types of clients – all with unique personalities and business models.

“I have always been a numbers person, but more than that, it is the problem-solving and the rules-based certainty of accounting that gives me great satisfaction.”

What has changed for you and your client since starting the engagement?

“When my engagements first kicked off, there was a lot of back-and-forth communication daily between the client and myself.

“Some days, it seemed like we would never be done cleaning things up. Now, trust has been built, and we have a smooth sailing ship. Communication is more structured, allowing the client to focus on other parts of their business.”

And what’s one thing about what you do that makes you excited to get up tomorrow and do it again? 

“Each night before I go to sleep, I give thanks for the Third Option.

“The fact that I don’t have to get up, find something to wear that I haven’t already worn this week, and drive to an office to sit for 8 hours is a huge motivation for me.

“Imagine a job where, if your work is done, you can go ‘home.’ It’s awesome!”