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Identifying A Remote Staffing Agency That Is Best For You

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Remote Staffing Agency

Company Culture

You may hear the word “culture” thrown around a lot. But why is it something to seriously look into when you are considering working for or hiring a company? 

Because company culture is reflected in its employees — for better or worse.

So when you’re on your search, ask questions! Peruse their company website, make note of their values and vision or mission statements, and even check out their social media channels to see if you can grasp some of the brand language.

What seems important to them? What are their wins? What do they celebrate? This will help you get an idea of who the company is as well as the why behind what they do.

What Skills Does The Agency Excel at Sourcing?

At BELAY, we hire contractors who are skilled Virtual Assistants, Financial Specialists, Social Media Managers, and Website Specialists.

You may think you know what service line would benefit you the most, but when you have options and can speak with someone, they can either reassure you of that need or place you with someone else.

For example, our Virtual Assistants are capable of helping with some social media management and bookkeeping tasks. So if that isn’t what you need specifically right now, a Virtual Assistant might be your best choice. But also, some organizations or business owners strictly need someone to come in and help with their finances via Accounting Services.

Either way, it’s good to note that we search the entire country for your contractor to find the right person for you and your organization. Our exhaustive recruiting process includes — but isn’t limited to — several video interviews and skills assessments to find skilled, servant-hearted candidates. 

We specialize in finding and matching you with the right professional to best serve you.

Does The Agency Have Strong Reviews?

What are people saying? Is this staffing agency producing client success stories?

Are clients seeing a return on their investment? Are they wondering why they waited so long to fill out that first form or make that initial call? Or did they try it, it didn’t work for them, and now they’ve moved on? 

These aren’t all hills to die on, but it’s important to note and can prove reassuring to see successes — especially when you can read a success story and find similarities between you as a leader or the stage of your business.

Can They Be Flexible in Accommodating Your Specific Needs?

At BELAY, we seek to identify exactly what you need. Our contracts have fractional hours which give you and your contract a bit of flexibility in the day-to-day. 

You never want to sign a contract and then hear radio silence from there on. At BELAY, you have a team of people who work with you throughout your entire time at BELAY to help. Your Client Success Consultant is a coach and resource for you. 

So if there are minor hiccups, your CSC will step in to help you identify the problem and provide a solution. This doesn’t happen often, but there is peace of mind in knowing a plan is already in place.

Does The Company Specialize in Remote Workers?

According to Forbes, in 2020, only five percent of remote jobs could be done from anywhere in the world. But in 2022, as you scroll through job boards online, almost every post is labeled with a word that clues prospects in on where they will physically be working during the week. 

Finding the right person is an overwhelming hurdle that some organizations choose not to attempt and other organizations must endure hoping to find the right fit. Either way, a lot of times the best answer is a remote contractor. 

And if this happens to be your first time bringing on remote workers, we’ve been doing it for years and have resources for you!


The Ideal Remote Staffing Agency For Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

A remote support team can transform your workday, and we’d love to help. Let’s set up a call to help you identify your specific needs so that you can get out of the weeds today.