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Watch the Video: How Jason Reaches More People With The Support of a Virtual Assistant

Today on the blog, we are so excited to share a conversation with Julie Barns, one of our Client Success Consultants, and Jason Skjervem, a happy BELAY client.

They sat down (via Zoom because that’s how you do it in a remote setting) and talked about how Jason’s Virtual Assistant, Michelle, has supported him over the past few years.




What would you tell a friend thinking of using BELAY for help with their administrative tasks?

“ takes time to build a relationship to work well’s not a bad thing for it to take time, actually it’s a great thing.”

[hear the whole response: 0:15 - 1:16]


What’s the greatest benefit you’ve had since having a BELAY Virtual Assistant?

“...time I have back in my schedule each week. It’s about 3-4 hours that I can put back into longer conversations with my team or building partnerships with local churches and college campuses.” 

NOTE: His Virtual Assistant has even taken the initiative to research what campuses he should go meet with and saved him from having to go look for connections on his own. 

[hear the whole response: 1:23 - 3:44]


They wrap up talking about a recent time the CRU team and Michelle and her family were able to meet up for a team retreat. 

“She is a part of our team...These aren’t people that are ‘plug and play’ or who want to fill in hours. They want to be involved in what you’re doing. And we’ve seen that with Michelle.”

We’d be remiss if we didn’t ask him what he’d tell a prospective client, and we’ll just put one more direct quote from Jason: “Take the step of faith that because it’s working for thousands of other clients, it can work for you.”