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Everything You Need To Know About Social Media Content Calendars

Not many things are worse than knowing it’s time for you to post on your social media platforms to maintain relevance and boost the algorithm – but your creative mind has temporarily flatlined. 

You stare at the blank box where you are supposed to put your caption. You wonder which photo would make the most sense to post next. You give up and repeat the cycle a few days later.

Having a social media content calendar can help this problem abundantly. When inspiration does strike, you’ll be able to dive in and spend a few hours crafting content for the upcoming month.

A content calendar is simply a template that can be used to chart out your social media posts by category and platform, and it can be as detailed as you’d like. We suggest creating something on Google Sheets to start. This option is great because everything is saved automatically and endless people can have access at all times to view and update it in real time.

When you’re utilizing a content calendar, you not only have content to post when you need it but you’re able to spend time making sure the right content is being pushed out and built in around the other marketing aspects that are happening.

Our BELAY social media managers are not only familiar with social media content calendar creation but they often take a much more strategic approach to your social media content in general.

The Advantages of a Strategic Content Calendar

Keep followers engaged.

When you have all of your content organized, you’re able to strategically think of the type of content you can recycle which gives your followers a sense of dependency on – and excitement to see – your posts.

Once you have this, you can recycle content easily, too. 

For example, you could have a post for Motivation Monday each Monday morning or a Tip Tuesday each Tuesday afternoon. This will help you start to fill up that content calendar. 

Make sure to repurpose your content as well. If you post a blog, post that to your social media pages. Work smarter, not harder, right?

You can advertise new products, highlight employees, share a peek behind the scenes, and the processes of your business, as well as spread general love and positivity. 

You can also begin tracking your engagement within this calendar or on a separate tab so that you can monitor what your audience is engaging with the most as well as what times and days you get the most engagement – and repeat that.

Maximum exposure.

When you think about how social media has – at least in part – leveled the exposure playing field, its opportunities are endless for SMMs to increase brand awareness and new customer gains, and all without paying-to-play like in the traditional advertising and marketing media days of yore.

Social media experts can help you build a larger following, and when users follow or like your page or channel, they’ll see your posts and have a better chance of engaging with you. 

Your social media manager can focus on interacting with your audience, writing posts, and scrutinizing analytics.

It takes a special kind of beautiful mind to make sense of social media analytics, and chances are that’s not your forte. 

Experienced social media managers can help you understand your Google Analytics so you can make smarter decisions with your social media budget.

Let a Social Media Manager Help You Create the Perfect Content Calendar Today

We’ve created a Social Media Content Calendar Template for you to start scheduling out your social content today. 

And if you need any more convincing that you need a social media manager on your team to help you execute all of this, here are a few more.