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Scaling Your Business With Partnerships & Affiliates

B2B marketing can often be hit or miss. 

And determining and getting access to your target market can also be difficult. The best way to find and access that target market is to align yourself with companies that already have relationships with those people.

They can introduce you to that market directly using their relationship, trust and team. Our goal is for business owners to be able to more effectively leverage partnerships and affiliates in their sales and marketing efforts.

In this episode, we were joined by BELAY Sr. Acquisitions Manager Ashlee Webb. She shares how to build and scale your business using partnerships and affiliates.


Here are some takeaways we shared:


1. Leveraging partnerships and affiliates as a marketing strategy expands your audience quickly.

When you’re finding the right partners, you are tapping into their audience. And it’s typically a low-cost effort. It’s a way to build trust with someone else’s audience very quickly. 

They have trust in that partner, so when they see that partner endorsing another brand or organization, the trust is built so much quicker.

And so many organizations define them a little differently. No partnership is one-size-fits-all. At BELAY, we look at all of our partnerships differently, and we find what is going to be the win on both sides, and those are the ones that are the most successful.

2. Partnerships are often the lowest-cost acquisition.

Paid ads are getting more competitive, which means they get more expensive. The ad market is oversaturated. We are overstimulated with ads. 

So, now more than ever, organizations are having to get innovative to figure out how to get their brand in front of potential consumers and partnerships as a way to do that.

There is a lot of success in an unpaid partnership where the exchange consists of sharing content, sharing emails, sharing social media posts and cohosting webinars. Other than your time and effort, it's a zero-cost marketing initiative you can't beat.

3. You can target more specifically with partnerships.

Social media platforms are getting harder to create target audiences — making it harder for us to truly reach the people that we want to reach. In partnerships, you can hand-pick the audience you are trying to reach.

And if you are already establishing that level of trust between audiences, it's going to help in your sales journey.


This week, download our Affiliate Media Kit if you're curious to learn more or are interested in creating your own.