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4 Ways to Stop Being The Bottleneck

4 Ways to Stop Being The Bottleneck And Start Accomplishing More As A Team

When you’re looking to grow your business, the answer is usually less about working harder and more about delegating effectively. 

So here, we’ll borrow from Stacy Tuschl’s One Next Step episode to share some practical advice leaders can use to start delegating, create more accountability among team members, and set up systems that allow the business to keep running smoothly.

If you’re feeling burnt out or overworked, or you’ve been trying to grow and just can’t seem to make it happen, this episode will provide some valuable but simple next steps you can take.

You're Getting in Your Own Way of Business Growth

Don’t feel bad; this is common. Leaders often get in their own way – and at every stage of business.

They don’t see it and often blame other external things. But as a leader, you have to realize that you need help and you need to hire. 

There are three main areas in your business: marketing, fulfillment and operations. 

In the beginning, you’re probably the one who is doing all three jobs. It’s no secret that one of the three of those jobs probably feels more natural to you and when trying to balance them all, the other two tend to fall off.

So identify who you are on this list and take that job on for now. Next, think about who you already have on your team that can take one of the other jobs and empower them to take full ownership of that. And lastly, outsource the third person.

Once you identify your weaknesses and hire someone to do that, you’ve created a dream team. When you start to see your revenue build up and your business starts to flourish, outsource the second person and then outsource for the role you are best at. 

This is a one-step-at-a-time kind of process.

You will still be a part of marketing, fulfillment and operations, but you will not own those departments anymore.

Your Business Can Grow Faster with Automation and Delegation

After Steve Perkins spent 12 years searching for his career sweet spot but felt he wasn’t making the impact he was meant to make, he turned to automation and delegation.

Practice delegation to your employees by giving them small tasks and letting them earn your trust. You have to be able to let go enough to see how they do.

Start by giving them a task that is not major and can be easily fixed — if need be. As they earn your trust, you have to let go and give them even more responsibility. When you start to show your team that you trust and respect them, this is a catalyst for growth.

How to Implement Systems When Starting From Scratch

Systems are exciting for everyone on your team, including the CEO. Systems reveal what is expected of you and build confidence before bringing freedom back to you.

In the beginning, you have to think about which systems make you money. Those are the ones you start with. Think: How do you sell to clients? How do you onboard clients?

Reflect on what happened this past week and identify where you were most unhappy with the result. That most likely occurred due to a lack of a system. When you can systematize what you’re frustrated with, your team will be happier because they know what to do next time and you will be happy because you will be getting the outcome you are intending.

Before you know it, you’re all a part of a well-oiled operation.

Don't Be The Bottleneck

The goal of all this? If you’re OOO, nothing should be waiting for you to be completed. The machine will run without you. You should be able to truly step out of the business and know nothing is waiting on you. 

There is peace in discovering that.

Similarly, your employees should also be able to step away for vacation and no one can tell because of the systems that have been put into place. And just like that, you have a smooth operation. When you are systematized well, it gives freedom to everybody on the team.

It’s OK to slow down and take a break. Delegate today so that you aren’t catching up on work over the weekends.

Are you ready to stop being the bottleneck and start delegating? 

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