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February Podcast Roundup

Missed any of our podcasts last month? Or just can’t get enough of them? Say no more – we got you!

Here, we’ve rounded up every podcast from last month for at-your-fingertips easy access and your listening pleasure.


How to Leverage Your Executive Assistant Part 2

Working with an executive assistant isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience. Each leader has their own communication style and management style and so does each EA. Being able to use your unique qualities to better work together as a team can be the catapult to your potential as a leader and your growth as an organization.   

In this episode, we’re continuing our conversation around how to help you better lead your organization by learning to leverage your executive assistant in more effective ways. Here to join us again for this conversation are our very own executive assistants, Melissa Lawrence and Kate Sawtelle. They’re ready to jump in and help us discuss how leaders can best work with their executive assistant to build trust, effectively create expectations, and better communicate.


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Why Most Businesses Don’t Work & What To Do About It

In this episode, we’re joined by Casey Graham, the Co-Founder and CEO of Gravy, an organization that helps businesses collect unpaid recurring payments. Before launching Gravy, Casey founded The Rocket Company where he helped church leaders scale their financial leadership and fundraising opportunities. 

Not only has he launched three businesses, but he’s authentic and passionate about helping business owners. He understands what makes a business successful and what can lead to its failures. Here, Casey helps us recognize how unsatisfied owners create unfocused and unmotivated leaders, and what to do about it. 


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The Truth Behind the Response: ‘I’m fine.’

In this episode, we’re going to explore the response “I’m fine!” Did you know that, on average, we say “I’m fine” 14 times a week, but only 19 percent of us actually mean it?

You know the experience: You’re walking down the office hall and someone casually says, “Hey, how are you today?” 

What is your instinctual response? Most people say, “Fine, thank you. How are you?” And the response repeats itself.

Why did that become such a common and acceptable response? It’s almost as casual as saying ‘hi.’

We all say it. Sometimes we mean it and sometimes we don’t. Here, we’ll explore why it’s a popular response, why society views it as an acceptable answer, how we and the members of our team have more honest, vulnerable relationships, and what we can do when we’re not fine. 


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Why Doing Good is Good for Your Business

In this episode, we’re talking with someone who is highly respected both in the for-profit and nonprofit world – Jeff Henderson. He’s extremely accomplished and knows about marketing. He’ll be talking with us about how most entrepreneurs think about doing good as they are launching, however, in the hustle and bustle of a task-oriented workplace, the idea usually gets left behind.

You know, those early days when you’re trying to get your feet off the ground so you may not have the time or cash flow for your team to strategize and plan big. So you’re just making the thing or providing the service. 

What leaders sometimes fail to focus on is the true needs of their customers by asking themselves how they can meet those customers where they are. 

And the biggest concept: Why doing good is just plain good business.


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