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Gerry Voorhees: Part 2 of Daymond John Contest - Watch the Video

Last week, we got up to speed with Raj. Today, we’ll check in with Gerry Voorhees, winner from the Daymond John contest. We could have asked a hundred questions, but being mindful of his time because we know how busy entrepreneurs and small business owners are, we stuck to the same four questions we asked Raj.

If you have an extra two minutes, check out his recap video from the meeting with The People’s Shark, Daymond John.

Gerry Voorhees

Dependable Service Plumbing

Did you implement any of the tips from Daymond?

Yes, we developed a short tagline that needed to be catchy, differentiates us, and describes our value proposition per Daymond's recommendation. It is: "Hardworking & Honest, our name is our Promise...Dependable Service Plumbing & Air" We're about 75% done integrating this across our marketing platforms & colateral.

Also, while we already planned on launching HVAC as an add-on service to our plumbing, Daymond's consensus that it made good sense to add this as an additional revenue stream gave us a jolt of motivation. We're 50% done with our licensing, have a technician at an HVAC training school, are finalizing a change to our logo incorporating HVAC/Air, and are on-target to begin this additional revenue stream the beginning of 3rd quarter.

Now that we are a solid 90 days out, have you seen any impact from the things you learned?

We're beginning to. While it's hard to quantify the impact of our new tagline, it certainly added to the image we want to develop. We also expect to see a steady revenue increase from our launch of HVAC.

Has his advice led to any new concepts or opportunities in your business?

Yes, in addition to what is listed above, his "Weekly Rundown From Daymond John" email blast had a recent App recommendation for "Blinkist". Because of this app, instead of listening to music during my gym workouts, I'm listening to new and some oldy-but-goody self-development books that are leading to additional tools in my toolbox (several of which made it into my manager training meetings that I lead).

In retrospect, is there anything you wish you had asked him?

Yes. How does he get around the fact that there is only 24 hrs in a day!