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A Triple Threat: BELAY Client Dethra U. Giles, Her Client Success Consultant and Her Virtual Assistant

As the CEO of ExecuPrep, Dethra U. Giles leads her organization of international Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training, coaching and consulting. 

She works with companies around the world to optimize the performance of their people and improve the outcomes of their teams by making sure they don’t miss revenue generated by having diverse and inclusive teams. 

But Dethra realized she was missing some things of her own – emails and scheduling opportunities.

“My calendar and my emails were conspiring to kill me and the business – and they were almost successful,” Dethra shares. 

“In reality, ExecuPrep was growing. I began getting more calls and emails that needed to be handled and addressed. 

“I was booking appointments on my calendar but there was no calendar management and emails were not getting answered in a timely fashion. I was losing work-life alignment and I knew I had to do something.”

With a small staff of mostly consultants, Dethra was desperate – so she reached out to BELAY.

“I came to BELAY with great need – so much so that I didn’t have time to concern myself with trust,” she says. “My only question was, ‘Can you help me?’ And the answer was ‘yes.’” 

Learn more about how Dethra, her Client Success Consultant Kyler and Virtual Assistant Jennifer formed a Triple Threat to get Dethra back to what she does best: Casting vision for her growing organization here.