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A Day In The Life: Ari Adler

If you didn’t know any better, you’d guess that BELAY VA Ari Adler and past Day In The Life feature Tonya Allen were in cahoots.

Or at least in some secret society club … of road-tripping virtual assistants.

We’ll be honest: We’re waiting for our invite because it sounds amazing. 

Here’s what being another poster child of virtual work– literally living on the road while earning a living – is like for Ari.

Why virtual/Why The Third Option?

“My wife, Jessi, and I enjoy traveling in our small RV and finding new places to explore via hiking and biking.

“Being able to work remotely from wherever our travels might take us has been a true blessing.”

How long have you contracted with BELAY?

“I started with my first client at BELAY in April 2019.

“Since then, that client has moved on but I quickly placed with a second client. Both have been outstanding professionals to work with and I’ve enjoyed helping them find success with their businesses.”

Who do you spend time with and what do you like to do when you're not working?

“I spend time with my wife, Jessi, who also works remotely – so being able to work and travel together has been great for us.

“We enjoy finding off-the-beaten-path places to explore across the United States and Canada. While we’ve been focused on our home state of Michigan more recently due to COVID-19, we plan on resuming long-distance travel soon.”

What do you love most about your job/client/project list? How have you used your background in writing and editing to help your client?

“Working with my client has been a joy because the match made by BELAY was outstanding.

“My client and I hit it off immediately and have worked very well together in improving her business processes. My background in writing and editing has helped tremendously as I have been able to assist my client beyond the day-to-day activities and get involved with client work.”

How have you integrated into your clients' culture? Can you talk about that a little? 

“I feel like my client and I have meshed very well in the time we’ve worked together and I feel like a part of her team, not just a contractor who assists her.

“Plus, we have found opportunities to support each other on a professional level and connected on a personal level through shared hobbies and interests.”

What else do you want someone to know about working virtually?

“I have found that working virtually is so much more productive than working in an office.

“And with the current state of internet technology, it has become much easier to find a good cellular or Wi-Fi signal in order to stay in touch and stay on top of the work that needs to be done.

“Working virtually may require more self-discipline, especially when doing so from places with beautiful scenery, but it is incredibly rewarding.

“For years, people have talked about a work-life balance and I have strived to find that. For the first time, I think I may have actually discovered what a good work-life balance actually feels like!”