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Day in the Life, Dana Rimington

Why did Dana choose The Third Option?

Dana says, “I knew all along that when my husband and I started having kids, I would stay home with them. However, I really struggled because I didn’t want to let go of my career at the same time. I loved being a mom, but I was determined to find a way to work from home.” Dana found ways to fill her desire to work from home through volunteer work and then in a part time position with a local newspaper as a journalist.

As her girls started getting older, she realized that she could go back to the corporate world in an office setting. However quickly realized she really loved and had grown accustomed to the freedom she had working from home. Dana states, “After finishing out my career as a journalist, I made my way over to BELAY as a Virtual Assistant and Writer. I love that I can still be home with my kids, even as they’ve gotten older. I can travel when I want with my laptop in tow, I can jet off to the beach on a warm sunny day.” Sounds to us that it continues to be the best of both worlds!

Dana Rimington and Family - BELAY

How do you serve your clients?

Dana loves the variety of things she get to do each day. No two days are alike. “I love engaging with my clients frequently throughout the week, so I feel like I’m still very much a part of their office, even though I’m working from my home computer. I also love that I’m using my background in journalism and marketing for writing blogs, putting together email campaigns, and designing event advertisements.” Virtual teams can work and feel like they are in the office next to you - and Dana has done this very well with all of her clients.

Virtual Success

At BELAY we set up our contractors and clients for success by coaching and suggesting ways in which to ensure that the virtual relationship is setup to hit the ground running. We asked Dana what in her work experience has made working on a virtual team so easy for her. “When I worked from home as a journalist, I learned how to over communicate, since my editors couldn’t physically see me in their office. I emailed them frequently to let them know where I was with my assignments and when they could expect them. I learned quickly that my editors appreciated my over-communication as they started calling me first for story assignments.” She goes on the say “now, working with my clients at BELAY, it’s second nature to continually communicate throughout the week so they know where I’m at with tasks and assignments. Communication is key to any working relationship, virtual or otherwise."

Overcoming Obstacles

One of the struggles of working from home is making sure you separate work from home life.

Many of us at BELAY are helpers. Dana explained it perfectly. “Because I love what I do, it’s easy for me to pop back into my office after dinner to crank out a few more projects. I’ve learned to say to myself out loud: “Dana, step away from your office for a few hours. It will still be here tomorrow!”

“The other hard part is letting people know that even though I work from home, I am still working and can’t just drop everything at the drop of a hat. I’ve learned to gracefully tell people I’m available in the evening, after I’ve finished working.” Even at the corporate level at BELAY, we have to intentionally work on this - often!

Dana’s parting words will resonate with so many. She says, “working from home has enabled me to fulfill my career while raising my kids. I can’t imagine going about these years any differently.”

Thank you for all that you do Dana - BELAY is grateful to have a contractor like you on our team!