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Your Third Option: Introducing Our Ultimate Virtual Assistant Master Class

We’ve always been proud to lead the charge in disrupting the status quo – and ‘How Things Have Always Been Done.’

For too long, it was widely accepted that there were two options for work: full-time, in-office employment and unemployment. Employment was binary, and there was no in-between.

But we knew better – so we set out to create something better. And now, with 10 years of successfully being a 100-percent remote organization, we realized our work wasn’t done.

There are others like us out there.

People who want to be able to pick up their kids after school every day. People who prefer to work at their own pace, maybe even alone, on their own schedule. People who have recurring medical appointments. Empty-nesters who want more flexibility. People looking for a career change – or to start a new, flexible one after staying home with their kids for a few years.

Whatever intersectional stage of professional and personal life you’re in, we knew one thing is certain: You deserve a better way to work and live.

And that better way is our Ultimate Virtual Assistant Master Class launching – drumroll, please – today!

Yes. You read that right.

We said ‘today’ as in – it’s available right now. 

But this collection isn’t some broad-brush-strokes, cursory overview of how to answer emails and schedule meetings.

Oh, no. 

In crazy comprehensive course collection, you’ll learn:

    • To take care of the small details as a client’s strategic partner and gatekeeper of their time and energy so they can focus on larger goals, including email management, scheduling, best practices, and responsiveness and accessibility with VA Essentials: Learning to Serve with Excellence.
    • To elevate your existing VA service repertoire with tools, tricks, and helpful tips to help you go from ‘good’ to ‘great’ so that you can serve your client – and yourself – with excellence, including project management, soft skills, and personality tests with Beyond The Basics: Sharpening Your interpersonal Skills.
    • To further sharpen your skills to add even more value to those you serve with more organization and tactical skills to keep everything running smoothly, including CRM and data management, social media and digital communication, advanced support, and more soft skills with Pro Level: Developing Your Social Media and Leadership Craft.

And don’t even get us started on the 90+ instructional videos, 60+ resources, templates, worksheets and cheat sheets you’ll get with nuts-and-bolts, nitty-gritty, everything-you-need-to-know kind of information at their fingertips.

This class offers a guided path to fulfilling dreams of finding a third option: The ability to have a meaningful career as a virtual assistant working from home while being present and available for loved ones, too.

You can have a job, have a life and enjoy both – and our Ultimate Virtual Assistant Master Class can help!