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And the winners are … Winners of the Power Meeting with Daymond John Contest Announced

On October 27th, we announced that we were holding a contest for business owners to win a “Power Meeting with Daymond John – Fueled by BELAY”. This was a chance for four entrants to meet with the FUBU fashion empire founder for 45 minutes, share thoughts on their companies and seek advice on how to create a thriving business. The response was pleasantly overwhelming!

We want to say thank you to everyone who entered – we were thrilled to receive so many entries. We are only disappointed we can’t give everyone their own meeting with Daymond.  

Entrants who made it to round two were tasked with creating a 3-minute video of themselves telling Daymond several things about their business and a joke. Wait … what? Yes, Daymond wanted a mom/dad joke included – no pressure. While this was no easy task, the submissions we received were inspirational, hysterical and highly creative. 



What you really want to know is this … WHO WON??? The winners are:


JavaPresse Coffee Company
Owner: Raj Jana

JAVAPRESSE COFFEE COMPANY is selling coffee products with a side of how to achieve happiness in everyday life. According to Mr. Jana, “We are an eCommerce brand that creates meaningful products and experiences to help people transform their favorite coffee rituals into an extraordinary daily experience.” Oh, and they make GREAT coffee products too! Raj’s story is highly inspirational and we’re delighted he will have the opportunity to meet with Daymond John to discuss how to scale their company message.


Formula Dynamics
Owner: Michelle Shriver

FORMULA DYNAMICS is an after-market auto performance parts business that caters to exotic car owners; known as the Maserati Experts. When Ms. Shriver and her husband purchased the business a year ago, she didn’t expect to be handling the day-to-day tasks, but she’s in the shop talking to customers and employees every day and loving it. “We take one of the most beautiful cars in the world, and we help it perform. For the owners, it’s not just the way it looks but the way it handles. So we’re able to really improve the experience of our customers through the parts that we offer.” Michelle is looking forward to discussing niche marketing with Daymond.


Sugar Love Boutique
Jill Hite

Jill Hite says “Entrepreneurs go outside of their comfort zones and take chances that other people aren’t willing to take.” SUGAR LOVE BOUTIQUE began in her basement four year ago, where she and her daughters operated solely online. They now have a brick and mortar store and have already doubled their retail space in just two years! While enjoying great success, she’s excited to ask Damon how they can take the boutique to the next level whether it be as a franchise or a new location in another city.


Dependable Service Plumbing
Gerry Voorhes

In 2012, God spoke to Mr. Voorhes and told him to take what he’d learned, partner with Dave Sodono and do things in a way that honors God. Their mission statement says “We choose to serve all those placed on our path with honesty, humility and compassion.” Mr. Sodono was operating the plumbing side of DEPENDABLE SERVICE PLUMBLING just fine on his own, but Gerry’s addition provided the management of the business side that had been missing. “We’re in the people business, and that’s what we really like to do … and have some laughs along the way too.” They plan on discussing marketing with Daymond John and how best to utilize it going forward.



So, these four lucky businesses will meet with Daymond John on December 6th and will plot their world takeover. Okay, maybe just industry domination. BELAY is not calling this “The End” though … there will be more coming showcasing their journey’s with Mr. John. Keep an eye out for some exciting tales of inspiration to get your own business mojo working best.

Again, thank you to everyone who entered and CONGRATULATIONS to our four winners!