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What Franchising Can Teach You About Scaling

Considering franchising your business? Learn how to decide if it's the right growth strategy.

“Should I franchise?”

It’s a question all successful business owners think about at some point. But a lot needs to happen before you take that first step: What factors should be in place before deciding to franchise, and how can you know if franchising is right for you?

In this episode, we answer these questions and more with Tom DuFore, the CEO of Big Sky Franchise Team. He supports and consults with Big Sky Franchise Team’s clients on their expansion and franchise efforts. Tom has the answers if you’ve ever wondered how and when to start scaling your business.

Here are some takeaways he shared:

1. For many business owners, franchising is scary, but it doesn’t need to be.

Franchising helps you multiply what you do well. At its core, franchising is a method of distribution.

As Tom demonstrates, it’s just a conceptual idea that’s almost formulaic, and it shouldn’t be overwhelming. The idea isn’t to take over the world with your business. It can be on a much smaller scale — home services like painting, roofing, lawn care, etc. or even businesses like veterinarians. Keep it simple when you start considering franchising.

2. Inspect what you expect.

For business owners, that means ensuring you have documentation about everything! That might not be a strength for some business owners, but many great apps and other companies can help you document. 

Franchising is multiplying your success, and Tom’s company, The Big Sky Franchise Team, is an excellent example of a business that will help you document and organize so you can pass on your processes to others and grow as a business.

3. Franchising starts with small steps.

This doesn’t need to be overwhelming. It’s easy to see if franchising makes sense for your business right now. It could be the time to move, or you may still be a few years off. Whatever the case, take the time to ease into the process and talk with trusted professionals to ensure franchising is right for your business.

Tom suggests three key factors when deciding if franchising is a good step for you and your business:

  1. Is there a profitable prototype? Do you have a business that’s operating? You need to have a business model that makes sense. It doesn’t have to be the world’s greatest. Franchising is often full of average businesses; they’ve just figured out how to do one thing well.

  2. Is there a customer base? If you’re going to franchise, you want to have the ability to expand at a minimum.

  3. Can you train someone to run your business in a reasonable time period? Most franchise training programs last one to two weeks.

And for those of you who want to take things to the next level, consider these questions:

Have you franchised or considered franchising your business? What should be in place before you make that move?

Would your business be a good idea for a franchise? Why or why not?

What are some of the better franchise models in the market today in your opinion? Why are they such good models?

What are some ways you can grow and expand your business beyond franchising?

And don’t miss Tom’s seminar, How to Franchise Your Business. Learn about the process and become equipped to make well-informed decisions regarding your company's future today!