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Together We Can

“If one part of the body suffers, all the parts suffer with it.” 1 Corinthians 12:26

Together, we mourn and condemn our country’s long relationship with racism. Together, we commit to fighting for justice for the murder of George Floyd and countless others – Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Botham Jean, David McAtee, and more.

Together, we stand in heartbroken solidarity with the Black and Brown communities so that they may one day live and raise their families with the peace, safety and equal treatment under the law that so many of us have been afforded.

It is not the time for silence. It is not the time for inaction. It is not the time for performative alliance and passive empathy.

So as an organization, we’ve committed to:

  1. Making a donation. We will donate to Be the Bridge, which serves to empower individuals and communities with racial healing, equity and reconciliation, to support the fight against racism and injustices, and;
  2. Educating our leaders and team. We will compile and make available resources and training as education is a meaningful step toward change, and;
  3. Diversifying recruiting. We will develop and implement more comprehensive, integrated and strategic initiatives for diversity and inclusion in our recruiting efforts, and;
  4. Increasing representation. We will seek out additional opportunities to increase representation on our social media platforms and marketing efforts, and;
  5. Amplifying marginalized voices. We will defer to the voices which need to be amplified – those of Black and Brown speakers, activists, artists, educators and parents – and we will listen while initiating a required-reading program with books from Black and Brown authors on racism, anti-racism work, and the history of race in our country.

We will sit with this discomfort in order to grow and change. We will be curious. We will learn. We will dig deeper. We will stand with marginalized communities to end systemic racism. We will demand transformative, sustainable solutions that affirm the equality of Black and Brown lives throughout the United States.

And to the Black and Brown communities, know that we see you. You matter. Your lives matter.

Enough is enough.