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The Right Hire. Right Now: How BELAY Ensures You Get The Right Team Member








Are you finding yourself stuck in the weeds of your business financials and nitty-gritty? Trapped in a game of email ping-pong? 

We have a solution that will give you peace of mind that everything you once stressed about is now being taken care of for you — and it’s BELAY fractional help.

Lisa Zeeveld, CFO of BELAY,  joins Matt Jarvis in this episode of The Perfect RIA to shatter myths and show you how a Virtual Assistant and Accounting Professional can free up your time, boost efficiency, and get you back to focusing on what truly matters.

In each of our client satisfaction surveys, the number one thing that thousands of our clients are saying is the best thing they get out of hiring one of our team members is peace of mind — and they can do the things they love to do.

Who doesn’t want that kind of ease in their life? Let’s break down how to achieve that.

Next, we’ll dive into delegation and learn how fractional help can transform your business. It’s time to finally ditch the endless to-do list and reclaim your sanity.

By hiring a Virtual Assistant, you’re able to stop spreading yourself too thin. And, as Lisa explains, having a teammate to help you provide your clients with the best service is key to gaining back that peace of mind.

“Sometimes we’re our own worst enemies. Without my assistant, I would work way too much. I would be way too reactive, and I wouldn’t show up as my best self. When you’re spreading yourself too thin, you’re not acting at your best and you’re not giving your clients the best either.”  - Lisa Zeeveld

With an Accounting Professional by your side, you’re gaining risk management. There’s a lot of risk in not having an expert who is going to take care of your financials for you. 

Business financials can be intimidating, especially when you're juggling everything else. And if you’re the only one doing your finances, you’re inevitably going to miss the details. But your Bookkeeper loves the nitty-gritty of it all. They're passionate about financial details and trained to catch what you might miss.

“When you think about giving these tasks up to somebody, you are giving them to someone who enjoys them and is able to leverage their skillset and elevate your business.”  - Lisa Zeeveld

How could you turn down handing over the tasks you hate or that take up too much of your time to someone who loves to do them — and maybe even more efficient at them than you could ever dream of being?

But, how do you know when you're ready to hire a fractional employee?

Think about real estate investments. When do you make money in real estate? It’s when you buy the property. The same thing happens when you start to think about delegation.

Maybe someone is holding off because they want to wait until they have more things to delegate or until they reach a revenue goal. It’s really not about that.

The quicker you learn to delegate — starting with those smaller tasks and growing from there — the more you get to work on your business and not in it. And you’ll save money in the long run.

For more tips on hiring and working with a Virtual Assistant or Accounting Professional, listen to the full episode, and for a better understanding of how a VA could help you, take a look at our guide to delegation by texting R-I-A to 55123.