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The Anatomy of A Great Virtual Assistant

Let’s take a second to think about what tasks you enjoy doing the most at work.

If some of the tasks on that list include organizing your calendar, inbox, Google Drive folders, communicating with colleagues, proofreading, planning, scheduling or creating agendas, then you might be a perfect candidate to become a BELAY Virtual Assistant. 

At BELAY, we hire virtual assistants who are detail-oriented, self-motivated, proactive, adaptable, and reliable. Our VAs are resourceful, helpful and proactive individuals who thrive on organization, planning and problem-solving. 

When we broke down how to become a virtual assistant with BELAY, one of our talent acquisition recruiters described the ideal BELAY virtual assistant candidate as someone with a broad range of technology experience and a huge heart for serving.

She disclosed that throughout the interview process, we are looking to see if the candidate shows a kind, humble heart while also displaying resourcefulness, timeliness and competency. 

This is the dedicated balance of professional skills and emotional intelligence it takes for our client and contractor partnerships to be successful.

A Virtual Assistant can do a variety of things for their client outside of the obvious email and calendar management, and working together to communicate and discuss goals and long-term tasks will allow you to proactively add to your weekly task lists to better support your client.

Here’s a quick list of what our virtual assistants do in the day to day and how they can benefit our clients:

Protecting calendars

The Client Win: With a BELAY Virtual Assistant, you no longer have to be the bad guy when it comes to saying ‘no’ to appointments you really don’t have time for.

Managing networks

The Client Win: Many of our Virtual Assistants are tremendously skilled in the ways of social media and can help you take advantage of all the business development opportunities available through those platforms.

Pushing projects forward

The Client Win: Rather than spending hours of your week following up on vendors, contractors, and unpaid invoices, have your Virtual Assistant do that for you.

Dealing with the details

The Client Win: Virtual Assistants deal with thousands of details every day for our clients – seriously thousands. If you ever catch yourself wondering, ‘Why am I doing this task?,’ that’s a task a Virtual Assistant can do for you.

This ebook will give you even more of an idea of how to be a virtual assistant, including how to automate systems, establish boundaries, leverage inbox tools and embrace efficiency through project management systems.

Being a virtual assistant is a rewarding job when you are excited about the tasks you’re doing to move your client’s company forward. As a virtual assistant, you also have more freedom during the day to be present with your kids, work at your own pace and even run errands — all while learning from different industry professionals and growing your portfolio.

Are you interested in exploring the possibilities of becoming a BELAY Virtual Assistant? Fill out the online application today or take a deep dive into our Ultimate Virtual Assistant Master Class

If you’re looking for BELAY to match you with the perfect Virtual Assistant to cheer you along and help you reach your goals, then let’s start the conversation!