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Redefining the Remote Work Revolution with Lisa Seal on Good Business

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It’s likely that hybrid and remote workplaces are here to stay. And the reality is you have happier employees when they have some flexibility.

If you're hiring people that you don't trust and feel like you have to micromanage, then your problem isn't remote; it's who you're hiring.

At BELAY, our HR department is evaluating job descriptions regularly considering whether or not each job actually still looks like it did when the job description was created. And if it doesn’t, change it and make sure the person we hired for that job still fits with that now-changed job description.

Then, evaluate it’s time to review and evaluate staffing needs. 

Because most of the time, small and mid-sized companies don’t need the roles we offer at BELAY full-time. 

In fact, few people need a full-time executive assistant and few people need full-time bookkeeping. And if they do, they likely have departments to handle it.

For everyone else, fractional staffing is often the right fit.

Don't rashly hire somebody full-time who you're only going to have to let go three months from now because you could have outsourced it. 

Once you have the right people on your team, you can build a healthy remote team by following these guidelines:

  • Get to know each other on a personal level
  • Reiterate and live out your missions and vision statements
  • Be clear about what you need from each other
  • Set expectations with your team
  • Always lead with trust
  • Recognize your team members

In this episode of Good Business, host Clay Vaughan and our Chief Revenue Officer Lisa Seal have a conversation about the future of work, the rise of remote work, and how you can navigate the evolving business landscape, whether you're an established company or a startup.

Lisa suggests the books Predictable Success and Go-Givers Sell More for people wanting to grow in their leadership and organization’s growth track.