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Opposites Attract: A Bookkeeper’s Valentine

Everything, it seems, is partisan today.

Black or white.

This or that.

Red or blue.

Or, in the case of that dress, blue and black. Or white and gold. 

It’s exhausting

It matters not the arena, subject, industry or platform, we can take up our pitchforks and torches to argue just about anything these days. 

Take left- and right-brained people.

If you’re right-brained, you’re likely more qualitative, creative and intuitive. If you identify as left-brained, you’re more likely to be quantitative and analytical. 

According to Harvard Health, “… those who are right-brained are … big-picture thinkers who experience the world in terms that are descriptive or subjective. For example, ‘The skies are gray and menacing; I wonder if it’s going to rain?’

“Meanwhile, left-brained people … pay attention to details and are ruled by logic. Their view of the weather is more likely, ‘The forecast said there was only a 30% chance of rain, but those cumulonimbus clouds will probably bring thunder as well as rain.’”

These ideas of split cranial hemispheres while concurrently splitting the population at large is, at its most superficial, entertaining. At its worst, it’s divisive and, according to pesky science, not entirely accurate, either. 

The good news of all these discordant views? Opposites attract

Take the case of our seriously extraordinary BELAY bookkeepers and the clients they serve.

One loves all things math and numbers. The other likely does not. But together? Oh, together they are the perfect pair.

The peanut butter to their jelly.

The macaroni to their cheese

The spaghetti to their meatballs.*

*We’re sensing a delicious theme here. Alas, we digress. 

So in the spirit of Valentine’s Day being right around the corner, we thought it’d be fun to share what those left-brained BELAY bookkeeping angels sent to us from above have to say about their love for all things numbers.


Odes To Bookkeeping 


Roses are red, 

And bunnies will bounce.

“Believe it or not, 

love creating new charts of accounts.” 

– Martha R.


Boats have rudders 

And fishing poles have hooks,

“[I love] getting new clients 

And cleaning up messy books.” 

– Jen L. 


Casting a love spell 

With a Ouija board seance, 

Bookkeeper Timothy … 

“[Loves] providing order to chaos.” 

– Timothy G.


Bookkeepers love numbers, 

A love so substantial,

“[I love] creating order for clients, 

And training [them] to understand financials.” 

– Kecia R.


We love our clients 

And making them rejoice,

“[Love] telling clients, I ‘got this’ 

And hearing joy in their voice.” 

– Anna P.


No love lost 

When receipts keep on piling, 

But thankful for bookkeepers who yell,

“[I love] reconciling!” 

– K. G. 


Some people are wee while others are giants. 

Bookkeeper Susan … 

“[L]oves to reconcile accounts 

And chatting with my clients!” 

– Susan M.


It’s hard to measure our love 

By pound, quart or ounce, 

But … “[Sam loves] reconciling 

And cleaning messy charts of accounts.” 

– Samuel C.


We fall in love

By laws of attraction, 

While others, like Jon love … 

“[M]atching transactions.” 

– Jon Lee R.


Cupid is known for matchmaking with incredible proficiency, 

Which is why bookkeeper Laura loves … 

“[R]econciling, transactions coded correctly, 

And recurring entries set up for efficiency.”

 – Laura S.


Bookkeepers and numbers 

Are like Batman and Robin, 

Which is why Kim “[loves] solving the puzzle 

Of the big-story problem!” 

– Kim W.


We’ve the best bookkeepers, 

We have to announce, 

Because Kelley “[just loves] 

To reconcile accounts.” 

– Kelley M.


Amy’s love of bookkeeping 

Gives her big-time elation, 

Because “[c]hatting with clients feels like 

I’m part of their organization!” 

– Amy Z.


For you right-brainers – or those of you who don’t have the time, expertise or interest in handling your own bookkeeping – let us be your cupid, matching you with the perfect bookkeeper to help you reclaim your time, get better insights, and spend less time praying for the spreadsheet to go away. 

All it takes is one click to get started with your Happily Ever After.

How romantic is that?