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CFO, Tax Filing, and E-Commerce Services at BELAY

We’ve given you plenty of reasons already to veto DIYing your bookkeeping. Sure, you could do it yourself and save some money — as long as you aren’t making costly mistakes. 

But why get into a potential mess when you could hire someone to do all of this?

  • Pay bills weekly
  • Bank statement reconciliation
  • Journal and data entry (coding)
  • Provide weekly & monthly reports
    • Weekly accounts receivable aging
    • Weekly accounts payable aging
    • Monthly aging
    • Monthly balance sheet
    • Monthly P&L
    • Monthly budget to actual
    • Monthly statement of cash flow
  • Custom reports
  • Maintain and manage the chart of accounts
  • Debit/credit card reconciliation
  • 1099 preparation
  • Payroll, including working with a verified vendor to set up the payroll account, schedules and processing

... and now ...

  • Fractional CFO services
  • Tax filing
  • E-Commerce support

We Have Expanded Our Service Offering

Our BELAY Bookkeepers just got that much better. Last month, we announced the addition of e-commerce, fractional CFO, and tax services to our bookkeeping offerings.

Our CEO, Tricia Sciortino, said it best when she reiterated our desire to always find ways to better serve our clients.

“It’s no surprise to anyone who knows us that at BELAY, we are all united by one common denominator: We live to serve, and we all share a servant’s heart,” Tricia says. “We’re constantly searching for more ways to better meet our clients’ needs to equip them with the confidence to climb higher.


“When it came to bookkeeping, we felt we could do more – and our clients needed more, so we’re proud to announce a more robust Bookkeeping offering.”


Our Chief Revenue Officer, Lisa Seal, gave us insight into what these updated services will look like, and we’ll break them down next.

CFO Services

Our CFO services will allow clients to climb higher by providing financial review and analysis, strategic profit planning and execution, cash flow projections and forecasting, and liaison with tax experts.

Tax Filing Services

For our clients who have long requested tax support, we’re now ready to meet those needs. These services provide year-round tax support, filing sales and quarterly tax returns to ensure compliance with the IRS.

Our clients will be matched with a team of experts who will make sure you never miss a deadline again. These BELAY tax services will be customized to the specific needs of our clients.

E-Commerce Services

For e-commerce support, she described it as importing and categorizing transaction data, including merchant processing fees, chargebacks, returns, sales tax, and more for deeper insights into financials and revenue forecasting for increased profits.


Sound too good to be true? You don’t have to take our word for it. Perd Hapley from Ya Heard? With Perd! of Parks and Recreation fame recently shared his experience. Pawnee is finally able to fix their books — and you can, too, with our expanded bookkeeping services.




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