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Why You Need a Business Growth Consultant

If you were to hire a business growth consultant, what do you think they would say about how you structure your day or the priorities you have set for today? Would they be impressed that you handle all the things?

What if you could take just five tasks off your plate to save yourself 15 hours every week?

Think: Email management, appointment scheduling, travel bookings, meeting planning, expense reporting – and more.

It may sound counterintuitive – especially to an enterprising wearer-of-all-hats entrepreneur like yourself – but the less you do, the more you can accomplish.

One more time for those in the back: The less you do, the more you can accomplish.

‘How is that possible?’ you ask.

One word: Delegation.

‘But how do I know when it’s time to delegate?’ you ask.

Man. You ask really good questions. But we have some questions for you, too. Riddle us this: Is it time to start delegating when …

… you’re sacrificing sleep to get more things done?

… you’re deafened by a cacophony of ‘pings’ from your phone, tablet, computer – and more?

… you’re drowning in mounds of paperwork?

The short answer should be a resounding ‘YES!’ The long answer should be more like a ‘YES! How have I gone this long without delegating?! I’m just one person.’

You’re Not Alone

Surprisingly, this uncertainty about when – or if – to delegate nags many leaders, from Fortune 500 CEOs to church leaders.

Why? Because they reason with themselves that they should wait until someone else is able to complete the tasks exactly as they would. So they wait … and wait … and wa– oh, forget it. ‘I’ll just do it myself.’

Sound familiar?

So we tell our clients: ‘Focus on what only you can do. Give the rest away.’ There’s your less-is-more rationale.

Ask yourself: ‘Am I the only one who can do this?’ If so, keep it. If not, then ask yourself: ’Am I truly the only one – or just (arguably) the best one? That is the critical differentiator.

Do More By Doing Less

We know. It doesn’t seem right to suggest that doing less gets more done – but stick with us here because we get it. Delegating feels hard. We’ve been there. We’ve done – and haven't done – that. And let us tell you: For all our kicking and screaming ‘I can do it myself!’ now we can’t imagine life without it.

At BELAY, we help businesses grow with our Client Success Consultants. They exist to help you get the most out of our services, all while acting as a conduit to connect you with other clients or services.

Clear as mud? Consider this scenario.

Our Client Success Consultant has Client 1, a marketing firm, and Client 2, a non-profit organization helping elephants in Africa, who is struggling to promote their latest fundraiser. Our Client Success Consultant can connect Client 2 to Client 1, and by forging that connection, our Client Success Consultants help our clients with more than just a virtual service line.

But Wait – There’s More!

Your Client Success Consultant won’t just set you up with your BELAY Virtual Team Member and then disappear for weeks at a time. Your CSC is there to walk alongside you during your entire relationship with BELAY to make sure you’re seeing the results we’ve promised you.

In addition to playing matchmaker, your CSC can help you with …

  • Specific tools and applications to maximize all your working relationships, increasing efficiency, and productivity
  • Best practices for working virtually
  • Problem resolution, eliminating roadblocks and challenges if things aren’t working the way you had hoped
  • Brainstorming for both your business and the contractor engagement
  • Identifying opportunities for increased results, such as increasing hours, adding an additional contractor, coordinating with BELAY Leadership, and more
  • Billing questions
  • Setting short-term business goals that your contractor can help you reach

One of the major areas where your CSC can help your business grow will be in setting realistic expectations and communicating with your contractor. Your contractor is just like any other new employee, with the twist that you won’t physically see your contractor every day.

Your CSC will help you work through how that’s awesome, and how that can be challenging. You’ll work together to figure out how to onboard your contractor while helping your contractor learn to anticipate your needs and become a key player on your team.

Your CSC is your ‘go-to’ resource for everything related to your BELAY relationship, your contractor, and beyond. And not to come off overconfident but … we know you’ll find that your CSC, when fully utilized, is an incredible resource for you, your business, and it’s growth.

Act Now!

Don’t let lack of support be what’s keeping you from experiencing more growth in your organization. If you’re ready to do less – HOORAY! – and somehow get more done – DOUBLE HOORAY! – contact us today!