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Meet Zhanna Chernyavskiy, Virtual Web Specialist for BELAY!

Recruiting for virtual webmasters can be challenging - working remotely requires different skills than working from company headquarters, and finding workers with these skills requires different techniques than when hiring traditional onsite employees. At BELAY, our recruiters look for the perfect combination of skills and emotional intelligence. When it comes to being a virtual webmaster for BELAY, Zhanna is the ideal candidate. Zhanna holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, followed by an Associate of Digital Media/Multimedia Technologies and also holds an Advanced Studies Diploma in Christian Ministries. If that isn’t a triple threat to support BELAY clients and our culture, we don’t know what is!


Meet Zhanna Chernyavskiy, Virtual Web Specialist for BELAY!

BELAY: What is the most important aspect of your position?

Zhanna: It is critical to understand the media age we are living in. By being hands on in web design, I am able to serve my clients and am confident that their website is up to date keeping pace with the fast-paced online world. This includes making sure plugins are updated, revitalizing long forgotten blogs, checking that security is current, and constantly monitoring client sites to ensure they are running at their highest operational effectiveness.

BELAY: Why a virtual workplace? Why did you choose the Third Option?

Zhanna: The virtual workplace is the “next thing” in the business world. More and more companies are integrating remote options. Personally, I love the flexibility. I can work any time of the day and I am not tied to a geographical location. I also really like what I do.


Communication is key.

One of the challenges that Zhanna has faced when working remote is establishing communication with her clients. “Not being able to just walk down the hall to clarify something can be hard. There are times when projects or tasks can take a little longer to complete, simply because I'm waiting on a response,” she says.

BELAY helps our Contractors leverage tools and technology to quickly and effectively communicate with their clients so that tasks are completed just as if they CAN walk down the hall. Zhanna also says, “Communication is key. It's better to over-communicate initially to avoid having to redo something later.” We agree!

We are dedicated to the success of our webmasters, so we’ve created a virtual community for them. Our webmasters can connect with other contractors to brainstorm, ask questions. Our hope is that this peer-led community gives them peace of mind knowing there is a team of subject matter experts to support them.

BELAY: What is one thing about what you do that makes you excited to get up tomorrow and do it again?

Zhanna: Knowing I'm making a difference in people’s lives and business, even in a small way. I am grateful for the values and vision at BELAY. It feels so good to be a part of the webmaster team!

We know you are making a difference with your clients, Zhanna - and are grateful for your service. Thank you for serving your clients with excellence!


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