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How Mark used BELAY to Regain Balance in His Church

While we think BELAY is pretty great at serving our clients, we love when they let us know we’re doing a good job. 

Mark Hunnicutt is a lead pastor at Brevard Community Church and is also a raving fan of the service he’s received from BELAY. He found us after realized the amount of communication his new role as lead pastor had. He said, “I discovered pretty quickly that there was a gap between what I was saying and what I was actually following up on.

The details were eating a lot of his time, and that’s not where he wanted to be. “I'm all about people. I want my focus to be on people...face to face and heart to heart,” he explained. 

The light bulb went off when he remembered Gracie - the Solutions Consultant at BELAY who he talked with about Virtual Bookkeeping. 

“So I immediately reached back out to her and said I saw you had some Virtual Assistant options.”

“You guys paired me with a machine called Jennifer who has a big heart… She has a ministry IQ which put her miles ahead of what was taking place.”

“We just hit it off and she really learned my schedule really quick. She took over my email. I think there were like 5,000 emails that in 72 hours were down to 15... She built out a system to help follow up and fulfill those details.”

He explained that his calendar management has improved, too. “It has freed me up to do what God has gifted and called me to do - which is to be with people - and shunk that gap between what I say I’m going to do and what I actually do - which builds incredible integrity and trust with our people at Brevard Community Church and our staff.”

“I’ve enjoyed this process. Jennifer has been incredible. I have never had any type of support person or assistant say “I only worked eight and a half hours last week. Can you give me another hour and a half of work to do for next week?”

Here at BELAY, it’s our vision to help our clients achieve their visions. These stories get us fired up to show up, serve well, and continue to help our clients climb higher.