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How to Stop Self-Doubt & Become a Confident Leader

Even the most capable working professionals — myself included — struggle with self-doubt, costing themselves time, money, opportunities and their reputations.

Recently, my One Next Step cohost and CFO Lisa Zeeveld interviewed me, and we focused on my approach to helping leaders harness their grit and trust their gut so they can defeat self-doubt, gain confidence, and make progress on their priorities.


Here are some quick takeaways I shared:


1. Keep adding value.

Some people feel stuck in their careers, like no matter what they do they will never get another opportunity. 

My advice? 

Keep adding value and the next thing will eventually come your way. Look for opportunities to add value and help your leaders. Good leaders will eventually recognize your effort.

There were many seasons along my journey where I kept challenging myself, honing and advancing my skillset and finding places to add more value to my supervisors. Opportunities show up that way.


2. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Keep learning and pushing yourself. The only thing potentially stopping you, is you.

Too many people focus on the negative. Maybe someone way back in your life told you a lie about yourself and you believed it. 

They told you that you can’t be more than you are, and that has caused a lot of self 

Push beyond the negative, evolve, and focus on your future.


3. Don’t let your current circumstances define your future.

Use it as fuel to not become what they said you are and don’t succumb to your environment. 

You decide what path you take.

Your intuition is a guide for you. We all have a voice inside of us that tells us what we want. We have desires, wishes, hopes and dreams.

To be a confident leader, remind yourself of the value you do have. Think about your strengths and trust yourself. Your first step after this is to take action. That is going to be the fuel that accelerates your journey.


Say goodbye to self-doubt and become a confident leader today. Get started by watching my video that covers three steps to owning your journey.