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How Leveraging An Assistant Will Change Your Life & Maximize Your Time

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It’s not new news that nonprofit organizations cannot function at full capacity without a team of people to help with administrative tasks.

While volunteers are crucial and nonprofits can’t exist without them, they can admittedly be unreliable. This is why fractional, professional support is a reliable and cost-effective option to be considered.

When you think about many of the tasks that nonprofit organizations encounter, they are often admittedly not life-giving. Here are a few of those checklist items.

  • Managing the organization's website and online presence
  • Planning and coordinating events
  • Supporting the organization's staff
  • Communicating with donors and stakeholders
  • Maintaining the office space
  • Managing the organization's finances

If you’re left with tackling these things on top of everything else you’re responsible for, what you’re responsible for becomes an afterthought, and burnout often starts to creep in.

The great news is these are exactly the kinds of things an assistant could accomplish with speed and ease.

And if you’re noticing yourself missing deadlines, lacking donor management to build a donor base, not responding to emails, missing meetings and drowning in a mess of a calendar, you need an assistant. 

Because you are not showing up as your best self when you have a whirlwind of tasks that need to be done. And if you’re splitting your time and wearing too many hats, it will hurt the growth of your organization and the outreach you may have.

And until you’re forced to delegate, you don’t necessarily realize there are numerous things you could easily delegate.

In this episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, Tosha Anderson and our Chief Revenue Officer Lisa Seal have a conversation about the benefits of hiring an assistant. She shares her personal experience with hiring an assistant and how it has helped her to achieve her goals.

When it comes to experiencing growth in your business, you have to think differently about how you run it. You can't keep doing everything on your own; you have to delegate.

To get started on delegation so that you can grow your organization and reach more, download our eBook, Delegate to Elevate.