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How A Bookkeeper Can Streamline Your Finances

Spreadsheets and data and reconciliations — oh my! 


We could keep adding to that list but we’ll spare you for now.


Keeping track of and managing finances in your business is already stressful enough, but things get even worse when you start to feel blurry about just how much money is coming in and going out each week, month or even year.

Maybe you’ve been doing your bookkeeping yourself. Maybe you think everything is going as well as it can be going and you’re fine.

Unfortunately, businesses of all sizes and at every level are at risk of making bookkeeping mistakes. Keeping the books and preventing blunders are the financial equalizer.

In the earliest stages of a business, a solopreneur can carefully tread the waters of managing their own finances, but there will hopefully come a time when their business has grown beyond the bounds of their grassroots bookkeeping capabilities.

We’ve said this before, but deciding to do — or finally not do — your own bookkeeping is much like deciding whether to change your own oil or hire a mechanic. 

You could do it yourself and save money or you could end up making a huge mess that could potentially cause several costly mistakes. There are too many potential mistakes that can be made when you — or someone who isn’t a bookkeeper — manages your finances.

But with a Bookkeeper, your worries and fears can be diminished.

Our Bookkeepers step up to the plate and help you with e-commerce support, tax filing services, processing weekly bill pay and payroll, producing reports and balance sheets, reconciling credit cards, processing invoicing, and recording inventory.

And while we don’t like to play favorites, we’d like to spotlight two of the newest offerings from BELAY Bookkeepers that we are absolutely thrilled about — tax filing and e-commerce. 

Tax Filing Services

Once your CPA has prepared your return, a BELAY Bookkeeper can collect all necessary documents and forms and file your business taxes, including 1099 filings, sales tax, and quarterly filings so you’re compliant with the IRS. 

E-Commerce Support

A BELAY Bookkeeper can import and categorize e-commerce transaction data, including merchant processing fees, chargebacks, returns, sales tax, and more for deeper insights into your financials and revenue forecasting for increased profits.

And just like that, we all breathe a collective sigh of relief at the thought of that kind of assistance.

Your BELAY Bookkeeper is ready to help you reclaim your time and sanity by streamlining processes and managing your finances so you don’t have to be buried in numerous tabs of spreadsheets, bills and invoices.

Late nights of processing payroll and worrying if this is the year an audit will expose mistakes you overlooked can be a thing of the past. 

We’re here and eager to help you get the help you need today.