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Day in the Virtual Bookkeeper Life | Stacey Payne

Meet Stacey Payne, Virtual Bookkeeper for BELAY.

One of our favorite questions to get answered is a contractor’s “why.” Why do they choose to work virtually and why do they choose the third option at BELAY? Let’s jump right in and find out!

Stacey’s “why” came at a time in her life when she wanted something more than the typical 9-to-5 job. “I had worked my way up in a local CPA firm over the past 10 years, but it just didn't feel like the right place for me or my family anymore.” Stacey wanted to do something that she loved but also have the flexibility to attend her kids' school events. So, she turned to the internet and started searching for virtual jobs. “I was ecstatic when I found BELAY. I loved everything about the company, the founders, the mission, and since I've started contracting with BELAY, the people! God's hand was definitely at work (and felt) as I went through the interview and on-boarding process.”


The next part of her story is what so many of us struggle with while balancing a career and a family. “If I'm totally honest, I still felt like I had failed at my other job when I quit. I was a partner at a CPA firm. I felt like quitting was me throwing in the towel saying I couldn't do it.” But then Stacey read The Third Option by Shannon Miles and it completely resonated with her. It filled her with peace and reassurance. She was inspired by Shannon’s chapter about having seasons in life. Stacey realized, “I wasn't a failure, I was just entering a new season.” That is so powerful!


Stacey sums up one of BELAY’s Core Values: PASSION.

“I know most people would think loving bookkeeping is strange, but it just makes sense to me. I see my role as more than just taking care of the numbers, I get to help people with an area of their business or organization that is oftentimes overwhelming or confusing to them. I get to lift a burden off of them so they can go out there and achieve their dreams or their mission. That's the thing I love the most, that when we all use our talents and work together, we complement each other and can achieve so much!”

“For most of the clients that I serve, the bookkeeping function had become a burden. While they realized the importance of staying on top of the bookkeeping, it had been placed on the back burner so more important things could be addressed - like dealing with their clients and running the business. Now they can count on me for keeping the books current so they can make informed business decisions.”


Making the transition from an office work setting to virtual can be a challenge for some people. I asked Stacey what in her former work life made it easier for her to make the transition. “I am grateful that the CPA firm I worked at before stressed quality of work as the top priority. I think doing your best work is important whether you are working in a typical office setting or working virtually. Bookkeeping clients are entrusting you with their finances. Those that are small business owners are trusting you with the source of their livelihood. That's not something to be taken lightly.” Great advice, Stacey.

As far as actually working virtually, tax season helped prepare her. She was fortunate to be able to work from home during the evening and on weekends during tax season, so Stacey had some experience with working remotely before coming to BELAY.

Working virtually has been a huge blessing to Stacey and her family; husband Rob and two kids, Connor (15) and Logan (6).


What is one thing about what you do that makes you excited to get up tomorrow and do it again?

“I am excited to help people! It is sometimes messy and hard to get a set of books in order, but it’s worth it to see how happy business owners are when it's done!”

Stacey concludes, “It may not always be easy, but the good things in life rarely are!” And that is what makes her a perfect fit for her clients and BELAY.


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