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7 Things Your VA Can Help Your Church Accomplish

There are usually several teams who are integral to the success of furthering the ministry and outreach of a church, whether it’s the administration staff, leadership and teaching pastors, missions and local outreach, or media — to name a few.

It is important for each of those teams to be able to focus on the why behind their specific mission and goals instead of being caught up in the delegation of such things as vetting applications, helping members book flights for mission trips, scheduling social media posts, and more.

We borrowed from our list of 30 Things A BELAY VA Can Do For You to highlight what we think are seven of the most helpful tasks a virtual assistant can offer several of your church teams.

Event Planning & Coordination

Several events can and often will take place in the life of a church during a calendar year. One of the most helpful things that a VA could do from day one is organizing your list of events and making notes on what types of logistics are needed for each.

Next, they can start to make calls, gather information, research or place orders, and create online registration forms in order to support your team members who have done these tasks in the past. 

Having an extra set of hands can provide confidence that nothing is forgotten or missed in the planning process.

Calendar & Schedule Management

Your VA can manage several calendars at the same time — this means the availability of your team members for a meeting can be managed by someone else. Imagine no longer having to send emails back and forth to set up a meeting time or having to reschedule due to a scheduling conflict.

This could all be handled for you, and all you would have to do is a final prep after a meeting invite reminder comes to your phone or desktop.

Travel Coordination

Travel coordination and planning have taken on a different meaning in 2021. Gone are the days of only having to make sure everyone’s passport is up to date before the out-of-country mission trip.

Now, you need to not only book flights and schedule transportation, but you have to be knowledgeable of current travel regulations, as well as keeping up with the growing list of things to do before the flight takes off.

Our VAs are pros at lists and managing groups of people and can be a fantastic asset to aid in getting you and your team safely to your destination.

Gift Purchases and Send Personal Cards

OK, we’re going to combine a couple from that list here.

When someone on your team or in your congregation welcomes a new addition into their family or is grieving the loss of a loved one, their church family should be at the top of the list of people who surround them with love.

Your VA can work with you to develop a system of what to do in scenarios such as these, whether they order flowers to be sent or order a set of cards for you to write a quick note. They can also establish a process for gift purchases to partners or volunteers.

Schedule Pre-written & Pre-approved Social Media Content

Federal Holidays, International Nacho Day (looking at you, October 21), reminders of upcoming events along with encouraging posts and scripture should all be things that are documented and scheduled on your social media accounts.

Your VA is more than capable and eager to help create graphics for these types of posts, as well as ensuring they are scheduled to post so that your audience engages with the accounts well and doesn’t miss anything important. 

You know, like the appreciation of nachos.

But in all seriousness, having a VA set up a social media content calendar for you and your team will give you more bandwidth to think ahead on what types of videos, graphics or online Bible studies you may want to create surrounding days such as Good Friday and Easter Sunday. 

Create & Send Out Newsletters, Blogs & eBlasts

Newsletters can be something that quickly becomes stale in content, and you find hardly any of your audience consuming. 

Having a VA plan out what events to mention and outreaches to highlight, as well as tracking open rates in previous newsletters, can avoid that and expand your audiences’ responsiveness. Your VA will also be able to take ownership in updating the design and layout if needed, add engaging CTAs, and create different elements, such as team or member spotlights to establish a sense of connection within your church family.

Website Development, Coding, or Design

There always seem to be small edits that need to be made to a website that tend to pop up at a moment’s notice. Adding this as a VA task can ensure that it will be proactively managed and that the incorrect link or typo can be corrected promptly.

Besides urgent typos, your VA will also be able to create a landing page for the latest sermon series with the podcast or live stream link weekly or embed registration forms or giving links.

The options are truly endless, and our VAs are here and happy to help streamline your day-to-day and establish systems and processes to set up for future successes.

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