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4 Ways BELAY Is Called To Serve The Local Church

At BELAY, we value God, team, fun, passion, gratitude, and vision. These core aspects are natural fits and easy to utilize in working with and serving the local church. 

Local churches were our first clients and in the beginning our only bookkeeping clients. We greatly value the faith and trust these churches put in us, and we love that we get to continue to foster those relationships and serve them today.

We are able to serve local churches vicariously, and by way of our Client Success Consultants, through our virtual assistants, bookkeepers, website specialists, and social media managers.


Through Virtual Assistants

The scope of what a virtual assistant can offer, and have experience with, is sometimes astonishing. They can manage calendars, schedule appointments, create and proofread newsletters, build graphics for social media posts, edit podcasts or livestream videos, research locations for an upcoming conference, schedule travel, and so much more.

You should not be caught in the weeds of tasks that can be eagerly taken off your plate by a virtual assistant. 

We want you to be able to focus on teaching and equipping — not whether or not the ‘volunteer here’ button is linked correctly in the newsletter or on the website.

And in case you’re still wondering what else you could use a virtual assistant for, we’ve listed some ideas in this article.


Through Bookkeepers

Our bookkeepers offer an objective perspective which proves vital for your church to reach its potential.

A virtual bookkeeper can become an immediate asset to your team as they can serve as both accountant and treasurer. They can be responsible for creating budgets, processing payroll, preparing your church’s financial record reports, and recording gifts — just to name a few.

Once you have a bookkeeper by your side, consider implementing the financial software we recommend for churches alongside a chart of accounts.


Through Website Specialists

Website specialists at BELAY focus on content updates, responsive web designs, backups, plugins, code updates, and general maintenance. We could all use someone who loves HTML, PHP and JavaScript codes in our lives.

Having someone with an eye for websites is helpful for updates that you may not realize need to be made. Updating images on your site pages can become an easy and complete facelift. 

However, the creative brains of our website specialists tend to go past that as they provide your website with fresh, updated content often.


Through Social Media Managers

Outreach is generally at the center of a church's mission. Social media is a great way to spread hope and the love of Christ as well as community events and volunteer opportunities. 

Our social media managers are knowledgeable on how to engage your followers and grow your audience. They also have experience leveraging social media management throughout several platforms as well as understanding analytics and what your audience is responding to most often.

They often live for tagged images and direct messages and are prompt to respond and assist. Think: “Hi! Where can I find the link for the Zoom prayer meeting in the morning? Thanks in advance!”

A social media manager can help you manage all of your unique needs while building on engagement and continuing to establish a sense of connection with the members of your church.


Ultimately, our passion is to help you and place our contractors at your church to be able to serve you so that you can, in turn, serve and love your congregation and team well. 

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Mark Hunnicutt, lead pastor, shares his story on how BELAY was able to help him here.