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25 Reasons You Should Contract With BELAY

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Let’s face it: Working from home is just plain awesome. No commute saves time and money, there are never any weather delays, and there aren’t chatty colleagues or micromanaging bosses patrolling the hallways.

And let’s not even get into how amazing it is to work like a news anchor: Business on top, athleisure on the bottom.

Sound too good to be true? We totally understand. So if you’re still not convinced, check out these top 25 reasons to come work with us.

  1. We are fun. And we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Seriously.
  2. We have an active job board with tons of new jobs every day.
  3. This is your opportunity to freelance full-time. Oh, yeah. You read that right.
  4. Have the flexibility to work from home. Or the beach. Or camping. Sky’s – and WiFi’s – the limit!
  5. We bring the clients to you.
  6. Our intentional contractor and client matching process is the best.
  7. We offer fulfilling, varied work opportunities, from small businesses to nonprofits and churches.
  8. We have an incredible contractor community to support you in your engagement.
  9. Get exposure to a variety of industries and clients.
  10. Achieve actual work-life harmony. Walk-the-walk, pinch-me kind of harmony.
  11. Be present at home and have a fulfilling career.
  12. Work part-time or full-time – it’s up to you!
  13. Enjoy professional development opportunities with our robust library of resources.
  14. Our amazing Client Success Consultants will walk alongside you in your engagement.
  15. The marketing’s on us, so you don’t have to spend a dime to find a client or market your services.
  16. Guaranteed, secure paychecks. No more chasing down invoices!
  17. You can still have clients outside of BELAY.
  18. You’re more than a number; you’re a member of our family.
  19. Not to brag but … we have a seriously extraordinary award-winning culture.
  20. We hold space for you and fill it with kindness, honesty, gratitude, fun, and integrity.
  21. Be appreciated. We know our contractors are our lifeblood. Our boots-on-the-ground. The wind beneath our wings.
  22. Join a workforce inclusive of every race, gender identity, age, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, perspective, and experience.
  23. We encourage you to bring your best, most authentic whole self to work every day.
  24. We’re all in this together. We run to our problems, challenges and opportunities.
  25. Join an elite workforce – we’re talking an acceptance rate lower than Harvard’s – to showcase your extraordinary skills, proficiencies, and experience.

Your Next Career Starts At Home.

Work and life shouldn’t be so hard. That’s why we’re here to make it easy and fun, all while catering to you and your needs because we know you work to live – and not the other way around.

You can have a job, have a life and enjoy both – and BELAY can help! Let's get to work.